Domestic violence in Australia

20 August 2015

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ISBN 978-1-76010-275-3

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Membership of the Committee (PDF 12KB)
List of recommendations (PDF 39KB)
Executive Summary (PDF 46KB)
Chapter 1 (PDF 42KB)

Conduct of the inquiry
The gendered nature of domestic violence
Contributing factors
Structure of the report

Chapter 2 (PDF 87KB)

Effects on health
Impacts on Children
Financial impacts
Impacts on male victims
Economic impacts on the community

Chapter 3 (PDF 248KB)

The National Plan
Consultation, implementation and evaluation concerns
Better coordination by the Commonwealth of plans, policy and governance
Committee View

Chapter 4 (PDF 95KB)

Data on the prevalence of domestic and family violence
Specific groups at risk of domestic and family violence
Attitudes to violence
Committee view

Chapter 5 (PDF 110KB)

Barriers to data collection
The National Plan
Committee view

Chapter 6 (PDF 127KB)

Public health approach
Focus on primary prevention
The need for a variety of prevention strategies
The role of the Commonwealth in primary prevention
Primary prevention and the National Plan   
The need to ensure adequate funding for prevention measures
Prevention initiatives may increase demand for services

Chapter 7 - Early intervention (PDF 88KB)

Early intervention measures

Chapter 8 (PDF 94KB)

The need for a more coordinated approach
Accessing appropriate crisis housing
Services for male victims
Committee view

Chapter 9 (PDF 141KB)

Australian domestic and family violence laws
The Commonwealth legal framework
The legal framework of the states and territories
Issues raised with the committee
Committee view

Chapter 10 (PDF 159KB)

The need for long term support
Wraparound services
Addressing the effects of alcohol
Committee view

Additional comments by Labor Senators (PDF 56KB)

Lack of funding for domestic violence services in the 2015-16 Budget
Funding cuts to legal aid

Government Senators’ additional comments (PDF 35KB)
Australian Greens additional comments (PDF 99KB)

The Chair’s report and other additional comments
Recommendations of the Interim Report
Gender equality
The national framework
Primary prevention
Crisis lines
Crisis housing
Legal assistance and law reform
Employment law
Long term affordable housing


Additional information
Answers to Questions taken on Notice


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