Submissions received by the Committee

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1Country Carbon (PDF 1198 KB) 
2Mr Stuart Box (PDF 85 KB) 
3Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council (PDF 305 KB)  Attachment 1 (PDF 1190 KB) 
4Net Positive (PDF 82 KB) 
5Aboriginal Carbon Fund (PDF 366 KB) 
6Australian Soil Management (PDF 255 KB) 
7Cement Industry Federation (PDF 282 KB) 
8Hydro Tasmania (PDF 200 KB) 
9Climate Change Authority (PDF 9668 KB) 
10CO2 (PDF 30 KB) 
11Carbon Market Institute (PDF 278 KB) 
12Kimberley Land Council (PDF 202 KB) 
13Indigenous Land Corporation (PDF 2442 KB) 
14Australian Industry Greenhouse Network (PDF 124 KB) 
15Carbon Farmers of Australia (PDF 1264 KB) 
16CSIRO (PDF 1246 KB) 
17Law Council of Australia (PDF 69 KB) 

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