Telecommunications Legislation Amendment (Deregulation) Bill 2014

Telecommunications (Industry Levy) Amendment Bill 2014 [Provisions]

9 February 2015

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ISBN 978-1-76010-143-5

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Conduct of the inquiry
Background to the bills
Overview of bill provisions

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Regulatory costs, burdens and consultation
Extension of the registration period for the DNCR
Decision to remove schedule 5 – record-keeping and retention requirements
Disclosure of personal information
Committee comment

Labor Senators' Dissenting Report

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About this inquiry

The reason for referral is that these bills contain a number of legislative changes which have the potential to significantly change the operation of the telecommunications industry. Especially concerning is Schedule 5, which will remove a requirement for telcos to divulge the number of warrantless metadata requests they receive from law enforcement agencies. In order to ensure regulatory stability in the telecommunications industry and transparency of warrantless requests, the industry and consumers must be able to provide feedback on these bills in detail.