Appendix 2

Public hearing and witnesses

Thursday, 30 January 2020
Victoria Ballroom South
PARKROYAL Melbourne Airport
Australian Communications Consumer Action Network
Ms Teresa Corbin, Chief Executive Officer [via teleconference]
Ms Una Lawrence, Director of Policy [via teleconference]
Internet Australia
Dr Paul Brooks, Chair [via teleconference]
Mr Paul Cross, Chief Executive Officer
Mr Martin Stockley, Chief Construction Officer
Mr Tony Dooley, Regulatory Representative
Mr Luke van Hooft, Director Economic Regulation
Mr Ivan Cook, Regulatory Principal
Ms Cecelia Burgman, Head of Government Relations
Department of Communications and the Arts
Mr Andrew Madsen, Assistant Secretary, Broadband Implementation
Mr Philip Mason, Assistant Secretary, Universal Services
Mr Daniel Abraham, Acting Assistant Secretary, Telecommunications Market Policy Branch
Ms Jennifer Crichton, Executive General Manager, Regulatory Strategy [via teleconference]
Mr Gavin Williams, Chief Development Officer, Regional and Remote

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