Australian Greens' dissenting report

The purpose of regional broadband scheme (RBS) levy is designed to ensure sustainable funding of non-commercial fixed wireless broadband and satellite services for regional areas. The Australian Greens support technology equity and are committed to ensuring that all Australians have equal access to a reliable broadband service, particularly those living in rural and regional areas.
Australian Greens Senators are focused on ensuring sustainability of funding arrangements, and agree with many submitters that the most equitable and sustainable funding model for the RBS is direct Budget funding. This view is also supported by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.1
Senator Sarah Hanson-Young
Deputy Chair

  • 1
    Vocus Group, Submission 11, p. 3; Commpete, Submission 6, p. 2; and Vodafone Hutchison Australia, Submission 8, pp. 2–3.

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