Labor Senators' Additional Comments

1.1        Labor Senators agree with the recommendation that the Senate not pass the Environment and Infrastructure Legislation Amendment (Stop Adani) Bill 2017.

1.2        Labor Senators further note that the bill proposes amendments to the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility (NAIF) Act.

1.3        As the Auditor General is expected to soon issue a report on the NAIF, and the Senate Economics References Committee is currently considering the governance and operation of the NAIF, Labor Senators don't consider it prudent to recommend reforms to the NAIF until such a time as the Auditor General and the Senate Economics References Committee issue their reports.

1.4        Labor Senators also note that in the over 2 years since NAIF was announced, it is yet to allocate funds to a single project in Northern Australia.

Senator Anne Urquhart                                              Senator Anthony Chisholm
Senator for Tasmania                                                 Senator for Queensland

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