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This bill would establish the legislation framework for a grant funding scheme, the Regional and Small Publishers Innovation Fund, to be administered by the Australia Communications and Media Authority (ACMA). ACMA would make a grant of financial assistance to the publisher of a newspaper, magazine or other periodical or a content service provider to assist regional and small publishers to transition, compete and innovate more successfully in a changing media environment.

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1Indigenous Remote Communications Association (PDF 565 KB) 
2Deakin University (PDF 1015 KB) 
3Australian Press Council (PDF 155 KB) 
4Country Press Australia (PDF 34 KB) 
5The Walkley Foundation (PDF 118 KB) 
6Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) (PDF 210 KB) 
7Guardian Australia (PDF 141 KB) 
8Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance (PDF 801 KB) 
9Schwartz Media and Schwartz Publishing (PDF 70 KB) 

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