Online Safety Bill 2021 [Provisions] and Online Safety (Transitional Provisions and Consequential Amendments) Bill 2021 [Provisions]

March 2021

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ISBN: 978-1-76093-204-6

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List of Recommendations

Chapter 1—Introduction

  Conduct of the inquiry
  Scope and structure of the report
  Background and context to the bills
  Proposed provisions
  Reports of other parliamentary committees

Chapter 2—Key issues

  Functions, powers and oversight of the Commissioner
  Basic Online Safety Expectations
  Online content regulation schemes
  Blocking scheme
  The new Online Content Scheme
  Reduced response time for removal notices
  Public consultation processes associated with the bills
  Committee view

Labor Senators' additional comments

Australian Greens' additional comments

Appendix 1—Submissions and additional information

Appendix 2—Public hearing and witnesses

Appendix 3—Public consultations conducted by the Department

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