Appendix 2

Appendix 2

Public hearings

Thursday, 31 March 2016 – Canberra

Professor Matthew Ricketson – Private capacity

Professor Derek Wilding – Private capacity

Seven West Media

Mr Tim Worner, Chief Executive Officer

Ms Bridget Fair, Group Chief, Corporate and Regulatory Affairs

Mr Ben Roberts-Smith VC, MG, General Manager, Seven Queensland

Australian Subscription Television and Radio Association

Mr Andrew Maiden, Chief Executive Officer

Ms Holly Brimble, Policy and Regulatory Manager

Ms Mandy Pattinson, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Discovery Networks Asia Pacific

Foxtel Management Pty Ltd

Mr Bruce Meagher, Group Director, Corporate Affairs

Prime Media Group

Mr Ian Audsley, Chief Executive Officer

Southern Cross Austereo

Mr Grant Blackley, Chief Executive Officer

WIN Network

Mr Andrew Lancaster, Chief Executive Officer

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

Mr Rod Sims, Chairman

Mr Rami Greiss, Executive General Manager, Merger and Authorisation Review Division

NSW Farmers' Association

Mr Derek Shoen, President

Ms Jaimie Lovell, Policy Director

Mr Charlie Cull, Senior Policy Advisor

Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance

Mr Paul Murphy, Chief Executive Officer

Mr Matthew Chesher, Director, Legal and Policy

Department of Communications and the Arts

Mr Richard Windeyer, Acting First Assistant Secretary, Consumer and Content Division

Mr Rohan Buettel, Assistant Secretary, Content Branch

Ms Ann Campton, Assistant Secretary, Media Branch

Australian Communications and Media Authority

Ms Jennifer McNeill, General Manager, Content, Consumer and Citizen Division

Ms Jenny Brigg, Manager, Diversity, Localism and Accessibility Section

Mr Jason Ives, Senior Investigations and Compliance Officer


Friday, 29 April 2016 – Melbourne

Professor Jock Given – Private capacity

Dr Dennis Muller – Private capacity

Ms Megan Brownlow, Executive Director, PricewaterhouseCoopers

Ten Network

Mr Paul Anderson, Chief Executive Officer

Mr Russel Howcroft, Executive General Manager, Melbourne

Ms Annabelle Herd, Director of Corporate and Regulatory Affairs

Nine Entertainment Co

Mr Hugh Marks, Chief Executive Officer

Ms Clare Gill, Director, Regulatory Affairs

News Corp Australia

Mr Michael Miller, Executive Chairman, News Corp Australasia

Mr Campbell Reid, Director of Corporate Affairs and Content Innovation

Fairfax Media

Mr Greg Hywood, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director

Public Interest Journalism Foundation

Professor Julian Thomas, Board Member

Associate Professor Margaret Simons, Board Member

Community Broadcasting Association of Australia

Mr Jon Bisset, Chief Executive Officer

Ms Kath Letch, Consultant

Mr David Sice, Technical Consultant

The Institute of Public Affairs

Mr Chris Berg, Senior Fellow

Department of Communications and the Arts

Dr Simon Pelling, First Assistant Secretary, Content

Ms Ann Campton, Assistant Secretary, Media

Mr David Jansen, Acting Assistant Secretary, Content and Copyright

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