Appendix 1

Submissions, tabled documents, additional information, answers to questions on notice, correspondence and media release


1                          Great Barrier Reef Foundation

2                          Australian Conservation Foundation

3                          Climate Council of Australia

4                          Science Party

4.1                       Supplementary to Submission 4

5                          WWF-Australia

6                          Australian Coral Reef Society

7                          Department of the Environment and Energy

7.1                       Supplementary to Submission 7

8                          Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority

9                          Queensland Government

10               Australia

11                        Environmental Justice Australia

12                        Mr David Arthur

13                        The Wilderness Society

14                        Australian Academy of Science

15                        AgForce Queensland

16                        Cape York Regional Organisations

17                        Greenpeace Australia Pacific

18                        The Australia Institute and Future Super

19                        Professor Peter Mumby, University of Queensland

20                        Tourism Tropical North Queensland

21                        Port Douglas Daintree Tourism

22                        Tourism and Transport Forum

23                        Australian Marine Conservation Society

24                        Ms Helen Smith

Tabled documents

Additional information

Answers to questions on notice


Media release

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