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 291 items in 15 pages
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 291 items in 15 pages
1Dr Anna Lashko (PDF 71 KB) 
2Ms Jennifer Hole (PDF 30 KB) 
3Ms Shelley Douglas (PDF 16 KB) 
4Ms Pamela Engelander (PDF 15 KB) 
5Ms Annie Morris Wieland (PDF 34 KB) 
6Mr Michael Asbridge (PDF 59 KB) 
7Mr David Anderson (PDF 38 KB) 
8Name Withheld (PDF 22 KB) 
9Ms Kylie Jones (PDF 32 KB) 
10Dr Steven Douglas, Ecological Surveys & Planning (PDF 15 KB) 
11Name Withheld (PDF 21 KB) 
12Ms Wendy Davies (PDF 55 KB) 
13Name Withheld (PDF 25 KB) 
14Environment Victoria  (PDF 173 KB) 
15Mrs R Luckman (PDF 44 KB) 
16Ms Julie McLeish (PDF 90 KB) 
17Dr Sam Nicol (PDF 69 KB) 
18Ms Estelle Ross (PDF 47 KB) 
19Mr Murray Willcox AO QC (PDF 226 KB) 
20Wide Bay Burnett Environment Council (PDF 3538 KB) 

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About this inquiry

The bill would repeal section 487 of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (section 487 currently extends standing to seek judicial review of decisions to certain individuals, organisations and associations).

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