Waste Disposal

Waste Disposal

September 1994

© Commonwealth of Australia 1994
ISBN 0 642 21232 5

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Opening Pages (PDF 740KB)
1. Introduction (PDF 234KB)
2. Waste Minimisation (PDF 1165KB)
3. Incineration (PDF 1098KB)
4. Landfill (PDF 645KB)
5. Scheduled and Hazardous Waste (PDF 1190KB)
6. Cement Industry (PDF 364KB)
7. The Community (PDF 469KB)
8. National Approach (PDF 904KB)
9. Role of the Commonwealth Govemment (PDF 329KB)
10. Export Potential (PDF 352KB)
11. Concluding Comments (PDF 774KB)
Appendicies (PDF 281KB)