Interim Report: Drugs in Sport

Interim Report: Drugs in Sport

May 1989

© Commonwealth of Australia 1989
ISBN 0 644 09571 7

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Opening Pages (PDF 650KB)
Chapter one - Introduction (PDF 352KB)
Chapter two - General issues (PDF 1475KB)
Chapter three - Drug testing (PDF 1535KB)
Chapter four - Supply of drugs (PDF 825KB)
Chapter five - The Australian Institute of Sport (PDF 919KB)
Chapter six - Weightlifting at the AIS (PDF 3470KB)
Chapter seven - Track and field at the AIS (PDF 717KB)
Chapter eight - Rowing at the AIS (PDF 107KB)
Chapter nine - Financial administration at the AIS (PDF 878KB)
Chapter ten - AIS medical staff and services (PDF 940KB)
Chapter eleven - AIS drug testing (PDF 782KB)
Appendicies (PDF 433KB)