Drugs in Sport

Drugs in Sport

May 1990

© Commonwealth of Australia 1990

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Opening Pages (PDF 597KB)
Acronyms and Abbreviations
Chapter one - Background and recommendations of the interim report (PDF 224KB)
Recommendations of the Interim Report
Chapter two - Responses to interim report and focus of second report (PDF 773KB)
Interim Report Responses
     Positive Responses
          Recommendations One and Two
          Recommendation Three
          Recommendation Four
          Recommendations Five and Six
          Recommendations Seven and Eight
          Recommendation Nine
          Recommendation Ten
          Recommendation Eleven
          Recommendation Twelve
     Inadequate Responses
          MS Jane Flemming
               Action by the Australian Institute of Sport
               Action by the Australian Athletic Union
          Mr peter Bowman
     Lack of Response
          Mr Lyn Jones
          Mr Harry Wardle
Focus of Second Report
     The Report's Goals
     Progress Towards the Goals
     The Australian Sports Drug Tribunal
Chapter three - Health concerns of sports drug abuse (PDF 622KB)
The IOC Bans
Anabolic Steroids
     Steroid 'Stacking'
     Physical Effects of Steroids
     Psychological Effects of Steroids
     Conclusions about Steroid Abuse
Chapter four - Young athletes and sports drugs (PDF 511KB)
Performance Drug Use by Adolescents
The Attitude of Parents
Risks from Particular Drua Types
     Anabolic Steroids
     Growth Hormone
     Endocrine Manipulation
Relevant Submissions to the Committee
     The Australian Schools Sports Council
     Australian Little Athletics Union
     Australian Swimming Inc
     The Department of Social and Preventive Medicine, University of Queensland
Prevention of Performance Drug Abuse
     Junior Weight Categories
     Drug Testing
     Drug Education
Ultimate Goals
Chapter five - 'Professional' sport (PDF 977KB)
     Penalties: Amateur v. 'Professional'
     Relevance of Performance Drugs
     Drug Testing Regime
          Doping Provisions and Penalties
          Frequency of Tests
          Co-operation with ASDA
     The National Basketball League
     Relevance of Performance Drugs
     'Recreational' Drugs
     Drug Testing in Basketball
     Cost of Testing
Rugby League
     Relevance of Performance Druas
     Rugby League's Drug Control Regime
          NSWRL Policy
          Penalties for Prohibited Drug Use
     The NSWRL Player Contract
     Cost of Testing
     Run-on, Run-off Replacements
Australian Football League
     Relevance of Performance Drugs
     AFL Training Culture
     AFL Drug Testing
     AFL Player Obligations
Chapter six - Weightlifting I (PDF 663KB)
International Weightlifting and Sports Drug Abuse
     World-Wide Problems
          The United Kinadom -
          The USSR
     IWF Initiatives
Australian Weiahtliftina and the AIS
     The Austrilian experience
          Anabolic Steroids
     The Interim Report: Mr Lyn Jones and Mr Harry Wardle
     Response of the IWF and AWF to the Interim Report
Chapter seven - Weightlifting II (PDF 1623KB)
The AWF and Drug Use
     The Australian Weightlifting Federation Inc
     Mr Paul Coffa
          Allegations about Paul Coffa
               Mr Nigel Martin
               Mr Michael Brittain
               Mr Grant Ellison
               Importation of Anabolic Steroids
     Mr Sam Coffa
     Dr David Kennedy
     Mr Bruce Walsh
          Source of Steroids supplied by Mr Walsh
          Police Investigation
The AWF and Drug Testing
     Role of Dr Kennedy
     Notification of Testing
     'Mickey Mouse' Testing
     The 1987 Nationals
     Response to Positive Tests
          Mr Satry Ma
     Lifters Failing to Test
          Messrs Brittain, Scarffe, Stylianou, Kerr
          Mr Phillip Christou
          Mr Darren Walker
          Mr Nick Voukelatos
     Mr Sam Coffa
     Mr Boris Kayser
     Mr Paul Coffa
     Dr David Kennedy
     Mr Bruce Walsh
     The Board of the AWF
Chapter eight - Powerlifting (PDF 1239KB)
     Australian Powerlifting (to be incorporated)
     Australian Powerlifting Federation Inc
     Australian Drug Free Powerlifting Federation
     Possible Amalgamation between Australian Powerlifting
       Federation and Australian Drug Free Powerlifting Federation
     National Recognition
Drugs Banned in Powerlifting
Extent of Drug Use
          Financial Administration
               Loss of Funds
          Membership Numbers
     Australian Drug Free Dowerlifting Federation
          Membership Numbers
Drug testing
          Drug Control Officers
          The 1988 National Championships
               Six Positives
               The Appeal
               Grounds for Appeal
               Denials of Drug Use
               Legal Advice
               The Course of the Appeal
          The 1988 World Championships
          The 1989 Australian Championships
               The Testing Procedure
               The Positive Sample
               The Action Taken
          Other Positives
               Mrs Gael Martin
               Messrs Jardine, Coleiro and Boyd
               Messrs Wallen and Waszkiel
     Australian Drug Free Powerlifting
          Prior Use of Drugs
          Approach to Testing
          Positive Tests
Current Politics of Powerlifting
Chapter nine - Ethics (PDF 1159KB)
Medical Practitioners
     AMA Policy
     Dr Igor Jeremijenko
     Dr Mark Mitchelson
     Dr Stephen Hinchy
          (a) Steroid Prescriptions
          (b) Misappropriation of Narcotics
     Dr Tony Millar
     Dr Richard Ward
     Dr Alex Tahmindjis
     Other Australian Doctors
     Doctors Overseas
     Mr Leon Azar
     Mr Michael Rothnie
     Mr Ross Everett
     Supply without Prescription
Chapter ten - The black/white market of drug supply (PDF 646KB)
How Lucrative is the Black Market in Performance Drugs?
Overseas Sources
     Accompanied Baggage
     International Mail
     Direct Importation
Distribution within Australia
     Mail Distribution
     Distribution through Gymnasiums
     Direct Supply by Sport Coaches
     The Bodybuilding Fraternity
     Direct Supply from Legitimate Sources
     Indirect Supply from Legitimate Sources
     Are there Black Market Networks?
Chapter eleven - Social effects: Employees in security roles (PDF 372KB)
Night-club Bouncer Employment
Bouncer Violence
Bouncers and Steroids
Research on Bouncers and Violence
The Licensing of Bouncers
Police and the Security Industry
Chapter twelve - Regulations for restricting the availability of anabolic steroids (PDF 457KB)
Importation Controls
Distribution Controls
     Anabolic Steroids for Human Use
     Veterinary Anabolic Steroids
Scheduling versus Laws Proscribing Use
Consequences for Racing, Pacing and Coursing
Chapter thirteen - International context: Agreements and testing (PDF 690KB)
International Initiatives
     World Conferences
          First World Conference on Anti-doping in Sport
          Second World Conference on Anti-doping in Sport
     International Agreements and Co-operation
          International Olympic Charter Against
          Doping in Sport
          European Anti-doping Convention
          Nordic Agreement
          Joint Soviet-American Commission
          Against Doping
          The Rome Meeting
          Commonwealth Initiatives
          Emerging Trends
               Growth Hormone
               Steroid Profiling
          International Drug Testing Flying Squads
          General Association of International Sports Federations
          Visiting Athletes
          The Commonwealth Games
     Research Agreements
Australia's Involvement
     The Dubin Inquiry
     International Agreements
Appendices 1-9
(PDF 814KB)
(PDF 1058KB)
  1. Submissions since Interim Report
  2. Schedule of Public Hearings
  3. Schedule of Committee Contact with Persons Adversely Mentioned in the Second Drugs in Sport Report
  4. Parliamentary Privilege
  5. In Camera Evidence
  6. International Olympic Committee List of Doping Classes and Methods 1989
  7. Journal Article on Thrombogenic Effects of Anabolic Steroids
  8. Journal Article on Anabolic Steroid Dependence
  9. Post-mortem Report on Bodybuilder
  10. Letter from Australian Government Analytical Laboratories, 6 March 1990
  11. International Olympic Committee Charter Against Doping in Sport
  12. International Olympic Committee Medical Commission Requirements for Accreditation and Good Laboratory Practice
  13. Model for a National Anti-doping Programme
  14. European Anti-Doping Convention
  15. Key Elements for a US-Soviet Doping Agreement
  16. Multilateral Agreement in Unification of Actions in Struggle Against Doping Use in Sport