Submissions received by the Committee

Renewable Energy (Electricity) Amendment (Excessive Noise from Wind Farms) Bill 2012

Submissions received by the Committee

Submission numbers not used have been intentionally left blank. A number of documents have been accepted as correspondence instead of as submissions, because they were about wind farm noise, but not directly relevant to the bill under consideration.

Sub No.

2Mr Timothy Le Roy (PDF 97KB) Attachment 1(PDF 901KB) 
3Mrs Marie Burton (PDF 15KB) 
Supplementary Submission(PDF 33KB) 
Supplementary Submission(PDF 15KB) 
4Name Withheld (PDF 32KB) 
9Mr Sam Walker (PDF 16KB) 
10Mr Ronald Burton (PDF 15KB) 
11Mr Mark Burfield (PDF 274KB) Attachment 1(PDF 343KB) 
12General Electric (PDF 107KB) 
13Mrs Heather McKenry (PDF 36KB) 
16Mr and Mrs Frank and Angela Kearns (PDF 65KB) 
18Professor Alec Salt (PDF 1433KB) Attachment 1(PDF 840KB) Attachment 2(PDF 951KB) Attachment 3(PDF 1030KB) Attachment 4(PDF 824KB) 
23Doctors for the Environment Australia and Public Health Association of Australia (PDF 247KB) Attachment 1(PDF 350KB) Attachment 2(PDF 279KB) 
25Name Withheld (PDF 41KB) 
26Emeritus Professor Colin Hansen (PDF 77KB) Attachment 1(PDF 3549KB) Attachment 2(PDF 456KB) 
27Ms Kate Headlam  (PDF 39KB) 
28Mr Cameron Rowe (PDF 17KB) 
29Ms Elisabeth Jonkman  (PDF 139KB) 
30Kerrisdale Mountain Railway and Museum Inc (PDF 57KB) 
31Name Withheld (PDF 55KB) 
32Mrs Maria Linke (PDF 42KB) 
33Mr and Mrs Ron and Chris Jelbart (PDF 265KB) 
34Mr Keith Staff  (PDF 116KB) 
35Mr Andreas Marciniak (PDF 30KB) 
38Mr and Mrs John and Heather McMahon (PDF 70KB) 
39National Health and Medical Research Council (PDF 1359KB) 
40Mr and Mrs Allan and Anne Schafer (PDF 194KB) 
42Ms Lilli-Ann Green (PDF 21KB) 
44Mr and Mrs Allan and Maxine Coulson (PDF 50KB) 
46Mr Joe Hallenstein (PDF 18KB) 
48Ms Dianne Jackson (PDF 70KB) 
50Parkesbourne/Mummel Landscape Guardians Inc (PDF 100KB) 
51Mrs Samantha Stepnell (PDF 73KB) Attachment 2(PDF 1845KB) 
52Mr Patrick Holmes (PDF 14KB) 
53Mr David Charles (PDF 17KB) 
55Mr and Mrs John and Elizabeth Fincher (PDF 36KB) 
56Mr Carl Stepnell (PDF 69KB) Attachment 1(PDF 934KB) Attachment 2(PDF 2457KB) 
58Holy Transfiguration Monastery (PDF 34KB) Attachment 1(PDF 5233KB) 
60Mrs Patricia Gabb (PDF 20KB) 
61Mr Bill Nicholson (PDF 49KB) 
65Mr and Mrs John and Niki Zubrzycki (PDF 45KB) 
67Ms Shelley McDonald (PDF 18KB) 
68Mr and Mrs Peter and Lisa Allen (PDF 66KB) 
69Peter Wingett, Linda Brookman, John O'Shea and Alexander McKinlay (PDF 39KB) 
77Mrs Rosemary Rees (PDF 38KB) 
78Mr Maurice Newman (PDF 49KB) 
79Mr Stephen Coleman (PDF 266KB) 
82Mr and Mrs Philip and Chris Ruediger (PDF 15KB) 
83Mr Louis Hughes (PDF 63KB) 
87Cooranga North Concerned Citizens Group (PDF 44KB) 
91Mr and Mrs Andrew and Annie Gardner (PDF 60KB) 
93Ms Carmen Krogh (PDF 181KB) 
94Name Withheld (PDF 17KB) 
95Dr CD Hanning (PDF 813KB) Attachment 1(PDF 36KB) 
96Ms Sonia Trist (PDF 75KB) 
97Dr Bob Thorne (PDF 726KB) 
98Mr Crispin Trist (PDF 48KB) 
102Miss Hannah Bruty (PDF 14KB) 
115Mr and Mrs Adrian and Tamako Johnson (PDF 64KB) 
116Ms Sharyn Anderson (PDF 89KB) 
117RATCH-Australia (PDF 1325KB) 
118Ms Geraldine Conheady (PDF 19KB) 
120Name Withheld (PDF 14KB) 
121Mr Rodney Brew (PDF 121KB) 
122Maureen Campbell and John Foster (PDF 17KB) 
123Mr and Ms Stuart and Brianna Robb (PDF 37KB) 
124Mr Owain Rowland-Jones (PDF 219KB) Attachment 1(PDF 309KB) Attachment 2(PDF 954KB) 
125Mr and Mrs Brian and Joanne Kermond (PDF 31KB) 
128Mr Phillip Duggan (PDF 33KB) 
129Mr Ivan Chan (PDF 33KB) 
130Name Withheld (PDF 56KB) 
131Western Plains Landscape Guardians Association (PDF 113KB) 
132Mr and Mrs Warwick and Megan Read (PDF 25KB) 
133Robert and Krista Watkins, Bruce and Kem Watkins, Ann Dunford and Garth Dunford (PDF 37KB) 
134Ms Belinda Wehl (PDF 274KB) 
135Mr and Mrs Geoffrey and Vanessa Knox (PDF 39KB) 
136Dr Wayne Spring (PDF 16KB) 
137REpower Australia Pty Ltd (PDF 86KB) 
138Ms Ruth Corrigan (PDF 35KB) 
139Mr and Mrs Angelo and Daniela Tudini (PDF 18KB) 
141Dr Andja Mitric-Andjic (PDF 29KB) 
142The Acoustic Group Pty Ltd (PDF 250KB) Attachment 1(PDF 1991KB) 
143Ms Robyn Brew (PDF 184KB) 
144Mrs Janet Hetherington (PDF 47KB) 
148Mr and Mrs CR and FL Schaefer (PDF 15KB) 
149Mr Peter Dawes (PDF 46KB) 
151Name Withheld (PDF 12KB) 
152Ms Sandra Clark (PDF 726KB) 
155Mrs Helen Lyon (PDF 92KB) 
156Mr Tony Walker (PDF 20KB) 
158Ms Judy Hollamby (PDF 15KB) 
159EnergyAustralia (PDF 502KB) 
160Mr Roger Kruse (PDF 15KB) 
162Dr Peter Trask (PDF 227KB) 
164Mr Bradley Kermond (PDF 18KB) 
165Clean Energy Council (PDF 417KB) Attachment 1(PDF 694KB) 
166Ms Felicity Martin (PDF 20KB) 
167Community for the Accurate Impact Assessment of the Dalton Power Station (PDF 1865KB) 
169Mr and Mrs Humphrey and Jennifer Price-Jones (PDF 61KB) 
171Australian Environment Foundation (PDF 316KB) 
172Ms Anna Dominguez Smith (PDF 16KB) 
174Ms Janine Dean (PDF 99KB) 
175Mr Roderick Dean (PDF 42KB) 
176Mrs Enid Thomas (PDF 80KB) 
177Mrs Kelli-Jane Abbott (PDF 18KB) 
178Ms Annette Allwood (PDF 11KB) 
179Mr Noel Dean (PDF 3603KB) Attachment 1(PDF 4264KB) 
180Mr William Kelly (PDF 15KB) 
181Adam McCarthy and Rebecca Fagan (PDF 18KB) 
182Mr and Mrs David and Mary Morris (PDF 309KB) Attachment 1(PDF 1046KB) 
183Mr Noel Thomas (PDF 93KB) 
184Mr Sam McGuiness (PDF 71KB) 
185Professor Simon Chapman (PDF 282KB) Attachment 1(PDF 1090KB) Attachment 2(PDF 504KB) Attachment 3(PDF 127KB) Attachment 4(PDF 210KB) Attachment 5(PDF 153KB) 
186Alstom (PDF 3902KB) 
187Mrs Patina Schneider (PDF 218KB) Attachment 1(PDF 369KB) Attachment 2(PDF 154KB) Attachment 3(PDF 304KB) Attachment 4(PDF 281KB) Attachment 5(PDF 7046KB) 
189Dr David Burraston (PDF 88KB) 
191Vestas (PDF 151KB) 
192Alan Watts and Colleen Watts (PDF 274KB) 
193Flyers Creek Wind Turbine Awareness Group Inc (PDF 231KB) 
194Mr Charlie Arnott (PDF 457KB) 
195Noise Watch Australia Inc (PDF 380KB) Attachment 1(PDF 1437KB) Attachment 2(PDF 56KB) Attachment 3(PDF 117KB) 
196Ms Claudia Scheid (PDF 23KB) 
197Waubra Foundation (PDF 422KB) 
198Conservation Council of South Australia (PDF 189KB) 
199Mrs Sue Braid (PDF 17KB) 
201Ms Sarah Last (PDF 97KB) 
204Mr and Mrs Stuart and Brianna Kilsby (PDF 62KB) 
205Energy Supply Association of Australia (PDF 91KB) 
206Young Lawyers for Law Reform (PDF 191KB) 
207Pacific Hydro Australia (PDF 109KB) 
208TrustPower Australia (PDF 377KB) 
209Infigen Energy (PDF 127KB) 
210Mrs Rosa Dawes (PDF 40KB) 
211Pyrenees Shire Council (PDF 92KB) 
212Mr and Mrs Shane and Wanda Allott (PDF 18KB) 
213Mrs Chelsea Taylor (PDF 19KB) 
215Hepburn Wind (PDF 603KB) 
216Mr W Les Huson (PDF 470KB) 
217Queensland Government (PDF 1052KB) 

Form Letters Received

1Form Letter Style 1, received from approximately 4 individuals, example uploaded(PDF 46KB) 
2Form Letter Style 2, received from approximately 3 individuals, example uploaded(PDF 82KB) 
3Form Letter Style 3, received from approximately 2 individuals, example uploaded(PDF 23KB) 
4Form Letter Style 4, received from approximately 9 individuals from Presentation Sisterhood, NSW, example uploaded(PDF 45KB) 

Additional Information Received

1Additional Information from Michael Nissembaum MD, received 1 November 2012(PDF 792KB) 
2Tabled document from Senator Madigan, at Canberra public hearing 14 November 2012(PDF 4248KB) 
3Tabled document from Mr Steven Cooper, at Canberra public hearing 14 November 2012(PDF 192KB) 
4Tabled document from Senator Madigan, at Canberra public hearing 14 November 2012(PDF 7623KB) 
5Sonus Pty Ltd (November 2010) Infrasound Measurements from Wind Farms and Other Sources, prepared for Pacific Hydro(PDF 824KB) 


1Response to adverse comment, received from NHMRC on 12 November 2012(PDF 592KB) 
2Response to adverse comment, received from Windlab on 13 November 2012(PDF 361KB) 
3Response to adverse comment, received from Dr Geoff Leventhall on 16 November 2012(PDF 644KB) 
4Response to adverse comment, received from Origin on 19 November 2012(PDF 804KB) 
5Correspondence from Ms Fiona Crichton, received 21 November 2012(PDF 158KB) 
6Response to adverse comment, received from Pacific Hydro on 22 November 2012(PDF 55KB) 
7Correspondence from Pacific Hydro, received 22 November 2012(PDF 51KB) 
8Response to adverse comment, received from Hepburn Wind on 23 November 2012(PDF 606KB) 
9Letter from the Australian Acoustical Society, dated 29 November 2012, clarifying evidence.(PDF 533KB) 

Answers to Questions on Notice

1Answer to Questions on Notice from Alstom, received 16 November 2012(PDF 1191KB) 
2Answer to Questions on Notice from Professor Colin Hansen, received 18 November 2012(PDF 924KB) 
3Answer to Questions on Notice from Professor Peter Seligman, received 20 November 2012(PDF 267KB) 
4Answer to Questions on Notice from Professor Simon Chapman, received 21 November 2012(PDF 328KB) 
5Answer to Questions on Notice from Public Health Association of Australia, received 22 November 2012(PDF 57KB) 
6Answer to Questions on Notice from Clean Energy Council, received 22 November 2012(PDF 495KB) 
7Answer to Questions on Notice from Professor Peter Seligman, received 23 November 2012(PDF 420KB) 
8Answer to Questions on Notice from Dr Michael Nissenbaum, received 23 November 2012(PDF 58KB) 
9Answer to Questions on Notice from Waubra Foundation, received 23 November 2012(PDF 331KB) 
10Answer to Questions on Notice from Energy Supply Association of Australia, received 23 November 2012(PDF 24KB) 
11Answer to Questions on Notice from Pyrenees Shire Council, received 23 November 2012(PDF 79KB) 
12Answer to Questions on Notice from Infigen Energy, received 23 November 2012(PDF 102KB) 
13Answer to Questions on Notice from Infigen Energy, received 23 November 2012(PDF 276KB) 
14Answer to Questions on Notice from Infigen Energy, received 25 November 2012(PDF 758KB) 
15Answer to Questions on Notice from Mr Steven Cooper, received 25 November 2012(PDF 1206KB) 

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