Submissions received

Inquiry into the management of Australia's waste streams

Submissions received

Sub No.
1 Mr Ken Sparks (PDF 6KB)

Ms Julie Ingleby (PDF 5KB)


Dynamic Commercialisation Pty Ltd (PDF 20KB)


National Association of Retail Grocers of Australia (PDF 39KB) attachment A (PDF 1335KB) attachment B (PDF 16757KB) attachment C (PDF 105KB)

4a National Association of Retail Grocers of Australia, supplementary submission A (PDF 22KB)
4b National Association of Retail Grocers of Australia,  supplementary submission B (PDF 309KB)
5 Port Stephens Council, NSW (PDF 13KB)
6 Australians for Refunds on Cans and Bottles (PDF 13KB)

Mr Martin Boyer (PDF 10KB)

8 Timbercorp (PDF 8KB)

AKT International (PDF 8KB) attachment A (PDF 165KB)


Mr Richard Hodgens (PDF 10KB)


Girl Guides WA (PDF 7KB)


Qubator Pty Ltd (PDF 34KB)


Friends of Warneet Environmental Group (PDF 6KB)


Clean Up Australia Day, Tyers VIC (PDF 6KB)


Waste Management Board WA (PDF 75KB)

16 NSW Department of Environment and Climate Change (PDF 350KB) attachment A (PDF 1285KB) attachment B (PDF 648KB)

Mr Robin Baillie (PDF 5KB)


Campbelltown City Council, NSW (PDF 152KB)


Southern Waste Strategy Authority (PDF 15KB) attachment A (PDF 61KB)


Country Women's Association of Victoria- Warburton Branch (PDF 7KB)


Dr Ruth Lane & A/Prof Ralph Horne, RMIT University (PDF 30KB)


Mrs Rachel M Cook (PDF 8KB)

23 Mr Harry Johnson (PDF 222KB) attachment A (PDF 50KB) attachment B (PDF 61KB) attachment C (PDF 45KB) attachment D (PDF 68KB) attachment E (PDF 68KB) attachment F (PDF 218KB) attachment G (PDF 80KB) attachment H (PDF 40KB)

The Croydon Green Team (PDF 45KB)


Asset Industries Australia (PDF 9KB)


Mr Graeme Eadie (PDF 53KB) attachment A (PDF 359KB)

27 Local Government Association QLD (PDF 2240KB) attachment A (PDF 1326KB)
28 Zero Waste Australia (PDF 51KB) attachment A (PDF 755KB)
29 Hamilton Field Naturalist's Club (PDF 98KB)
30 Vinyl Council of Australia (PDF 23KB)
31 WSN Environmental Solutions (PDF 70KB)
32 Waste Contractors and Recyclers Association of NSW (PDF 215KB)
33 The Packaging Council of Australia (PDF 20KB) attachment A (PDF 182KB) attachment B (PDF 195KB) attachment C (PDF 213KB) attachment D (PDF 1141KB) attachment E (PDF 152KB)
34 Arid Lands Environment Centre, Inc (PDF 318KB) attachment A (PDF 15KB)
35 Forever Glass Group of Companies (PDF 136KB)
36 GRD Limited (PDF 386KB); attachment A (PDF 1702KB)
37 Mr Peter Simpson (PDF 15KB)
38 Ms Rachel M Dempster (PDF 11KB)
39 Ms Belinda Kendall-White (PDF 19KB)
40 InSinkErator (PDF 74KB)
41 Upstream Advice (PDF 22KB)
42 Ecos Corporation Pty Ltd (PDF 25KB) attachment A (PDF 370KB)
43 Winemakers Federation of Australia (PDF 49KB)
44 WA Local Government Association (PDF 47KB) attachment A (PDF 130KB) attachment B (PDF 136KB attachment C (PDF 187KB)
45 Conservation Council of Western Australia (PDF 95KB)
46 Boomerang Alliance (PDF 594KB) attachment A (PDF 432KB) attachment B (PDF 180KB) attachment C (PDF 190KB) attachment D (PDF 271KB) attachment E (PDF 197KB) attachment F (PDF 764KB)
47 Cement Industry Federation (PDF 275KB)
48 QLD Conservation Council (PDF 269KB)
49 Scouts Australia NSW (PDF 20KB)
50 Mr Rod Baker (PDF 19KB)
51 Chamber of Commerce NT (PDF 453KB)
52 VISY Industries Australia Pty Ltd (PDF 345KB)
53 SITA Environmental Solutions (PDF 422KB) attachment A (PDF 670KB) attachment B (PDF 58KB) attachment C (PDF 1868KB) attachment D (PDF 708KB)  attachment E (PDF 77KB)
54 LMS Generation (PDF 381KB)
55 Clean Up Australia (PDF 515KB)
56 Australian Food and Grocery Council (PDF 130KB) attachment A (PDF 665KB)
57 AMCOR Australasia (PDF 45KB)
58 Waste Management Association of Australia- NSW Branch (PDF 42KB) attachment A (PDF 116KB) attachment B (PDF 22KB)
59 Brisbane City Council (PDF 5117KB)
60 KESAB Environmental Solutions (PDF 543KB)
61 Bioenergy Australia (PDF 145KB) attachment A (PDF 1148KB)
62 Nature Conservation Council of NSW (PDF 303KB)
63 Environment Tasmania Inc (PDF 50KB)
64 Confidential
65 Pollution Action Network (PDF 49KB)
66 Mr Samuel Thompson (PDF 3168KB)
67 Total Environment Centre (PDF 88KB)
68 Revive Recycling Pty Ltd (PDF 554KB) attachment A (PDF 2732KB) attachment B (PDF 1159KB) attachment C (PDF 1295KB)
69 SA Conservation Council (PDF 57KB)
70 Recyclers of South Australia Inc (PDF 112KB)
71 Australian Conservation Foundation (PDF 318KB)
72 Local Government and Shires Association of NSW (PDF 30KB)
73 Mr David Bills (PDF 63KB)
74 Australian Bureau of Statistics (PDF 43KB)
75 Shire of Yarra Ranges VIC (PDF 486KB) attachment A (PDF 55KB)
76 WA Department of Environment and Conservation (PDF 493KB)
77 CSIRO (PDF 137KB)
78 Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts (PDF 120KB)
79 Ms Wendy Savage (PDF 13KB)
80 Queensland Government Environmental Protection Agency (PDF 514KB)
81 Australian Council of Recyclers Inc (PDF 156KB)
82 Australian Local Government Association (PDF 1303KB)
83 South Australian Government (PDF 94KB)
84 Australian Beverages Council Ltd (PDF 47KB) attachment A (PDF 426KB)
85 Northern Territory Department of Natural Resources, Environment, Heritage and the Arts (PDF 244KB)
86 Keep Australia Beautiful, NSW (PDF 21KB) attachment A (PDF 1128KB)
87 Coca-Cola Amatil (PDF 65KB)
88 Waste Management Association of Australia (PDF 384KB) attachment A (PDF 578KB) attachment B (PDF 766KB)
89 Perchards Ltd (PDF 37KB)
90 Carbon Partners/Szencorp (PDF 240KB)
91 Fuji Xerox Australia Pty Limited (PDF 50KB)


Additional information

Recycling Net Benefits Final Report February 2008, received on 4 July 2008 from Ms Anne Prince, Chief Executive Officer,
Australian Council of Recyclers Inc (PDF 534KB)
Briefing for Queensland Minister of Environment, received on 7 July 2008 from Mr Mike Ritchie, National General Manager,
Marketing, SITA Environmental Solutions (PDF 2770KB)
Recycling as a weapon against climate change - Low cost, low risk abatement, by VISY, ACT Recycling, WSN Environmental
Solutions and Global Renewables Limited, received on 2 July 2008 from Mr Tony Gray, VISY (PDF 116KB)
Energy Implications of Glass-Container Recycling, received 15 August 2008 from Mr Gerard van Rijswijk, Senior Policy Adviser, National Association of Retail Grocers of Australia (PDF 4788KB) cover email (PDF 7KB)


Answers to questions taken on notice

Local Government Association of Queensland (from public hearing, Sydney, 3 July 2008) (PDF 13KB)
NSW Department of Environment & Climate Change (from public hearing, Sydney 3 July 2008) (PDF 35KB)
Australians for Refunds on Cans and Bottles (from public hearing, Melbourne, 2 July 2008) (PDF 4KB) attachment (PDF 28KB)
Yarra Ranges Shire Council (from public hearing, Melbourne, 2 July 2008) (PDF 6KB)
Cement Industry Federation (from public hearing, Canberra, 4 July 2008) (PDF 60KB)
South Australian Environment Protection Authority (from public hearing, Adelaide, 30 June 2008) (PDF 8KB)
Scouts Australia (South Australian Branch) (from public hearing, Adelaide, 30 June 2008) (PDF 8KB)
CSIRO (from public hearing, Melbourne, 2 July 2008) (PDF 26KB)


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