Appendix 3 - Additional information

Appendix 3 - Additional information

Tabled Documents

Canberra – Friday, 8 September 2000

Mr Peter Russell, AMTA

Mr David Clarkson, NHMRC

Mr Terry Butler, EMF South World Pty Ltd

Dr John Holt


Melbourne – Friday, 22 September 2000

Dr Bruce Hocking

Professor Mark Elwood

Dr Thomas Magnussen

Mr Chris Zombolas, Electrical Compliance Testing Association

Professor Frank Fisher


Sydney - Thursday, 16 November 2000

Mr Stewart Fist

Dr Trevor Height, OneSteel Market Mills

Dr Gerry Haddad, CSIRO

Ms Lyn McLean, EMRAA

Mr Richard Watkins, EMR Safety Network International

Dr Peter French

Mr Dan Dwyer, CEPU

Dr Bob Horton, ACA


Canberra - Friday, 2 March 2001

Dr Neil Cherry


Mr Michael Milligan, MMF

Mr Tony Bundrock, Telstra

Mr David Clarkson, NHMRC

Answers to Questions on Notice

Letter from Mr Zombolas, Technical Director, EMC Technologies, dated 19 January 2001

Letter from Mr Black, Deputy Executive Officer, AMTA, dated 31 January 2001

Answers to written questions from CEMEPHI, dated March 2001

Email from Ms Cotton, EME Project Officer, NHMRC, dated March 2001

Letter from Dr Bradlow, Chief Technology Officer, Telstra, dated 21 March 2001

Email from Ms Beverley Neill, ARPANSA attaching answers, dated 22 March 2001

Facsimile letter from Mr Milligan, Secretary General, MMF, dated 23 March 2001

Additional Correspondence

Letter from Ms Tarnawski, Assistant Manager (EMR), ACA, dated 14 September 2000

Letter from Dr Schaap, Assistant Director – Environment and Sustainable Energy, ESAA, dated 15 March 2001

Letter from Dr Hocking, dated 22 March 2001

Responses to Adverse Comments made in Written Submissions

Letter from Professor Vernon-Roberts, Director, Institute of Medical & Veterinary Science, dated 9 August 2000

Letter from Mr Wells, Chief Executive Officer, NHMRC, dated 14 August 2000

Rebuttal from Dr Repacholi, WHO, dated 5 October 2000

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