Wednesday 29 April 1998, Jacaranda Room, Gazebo Hotel, Elizabeth Bay, NSW

Ord Minnett Limited

Mr Stephen Chipkin, Director, Ord Minnett Corporate Finance

Mr Robert Lipman, Head, Investment Planning

Mr David Wilson, Telecommunications Analyst, Ord Minnett Securities Ltd

Australian Consumers' Association

Ms Mara Bun, Policy Manager

Mr Steve Horrocks, Senior Policy Officer, Information Technology and Communications

Australian Telecommunications Users Group

Mr Allan Horsley, Managing Director

Mr Stewart Fist

Communications, Electrical and Plumbing Union, New South Wales Telecommunications and Services Branch

Mr Guy Robins, Assistant Secretary

Mr Malcolm Tulloch, Branch Organiser

Australian Telecommunications Industry Association

Mr Alex Gosman

Country Women's Association

Mrs Margaret Smith, National President

Mrs Jan Brill, National Secretary

Mrs June Southwell, NSW State Vice President

AAPT Telecommunications

Mr Brian Perkins, Director, Regulatory and Legal

Mr Alasdair Grant, Manager, Regulatory

Macquarie Corporate Telecommunications

Mr Maha Krishnapillai, Manager Regulatory

Ms Jenny Fox, General Counsel

Global One Communications

Mr Craig Brendish, Manager, Commercial and Regulatory Affairs, ANZ

Consumer Telecommunications Network

Ms Helen Campbell, Coordinator

Tuesday 5 May 1998, Reception Room, Melbourne Town Hall, Melbourne

Telstra Corporation Ltd

Mr Paul Rizzo, Group Managing Director, Finance and Administration

Mr Gerry Moriarty, Group Managing Director, Network Technology and Multimedia

Mr Peter Shore, Group Managing Director, Commercial and Consumer

Mr John Stanhope, Director Finance

Mr Graeme Ward, Group Director, Regulatory and External Affairs

Australian Communications Authority

Ms Esther Alter, Member

Ms Roslyn Kelleher, Executive Manager, Consumer Affairs Group

Mr Steve Thurston, Manager, Consumer Safeguards

Mr Neill Whitehead, Manager, Universal Service Obligations

Government of Western Australia, Commerce and Trade

Mr Phillip Skelton

Communications Expert Group

Dr W Green

Mr Lance Sanderson

Communications Electrical Plumbing Union

Mr Colin Cooper, Divisional President, Communications Division

Ms Rosalind Eason, Senior Industrial Research Officer, Communications Division

Communications Law Centre

Mr Jock Given

Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman

Mr John Pinnock

Western Murray Development

Mr Laurie Eakin

Australian Secondary Principals' Association

Mr Peter Martin, Executive Officer

Victorian Association of State Secondary Principals

Mr Ted Brierly, President

Wednesday 6 May 1998, Committee Room 2S1, Parliament House, Canberra

Department of Communications and the Arts

Mr Neville Stevens, Secretary

Ms Fay Holthuyzen, First Assistant Secretary, Telecommunications Industry Division

Mr John Neil, Assistant Secretary, Enterprise and Radio Communications Branch

Mr Chris Cheah, Assistant Secretary, Regulatory and Networks Branch

Department of Finance and Administration

Mr Stephen Bartos, General Manager

Mr Phillip Prior, Assistant Secretary

Mr Paul Goodwin, Branch Manager, Budget Policy, Coordination

Ms Sandra Wilson, Branch Manager, Commonwealth Superannuation Group

Prof John Quiggin, Professor of Economics, James Cook University (By teleconference)

Mr Martin Tolar, Associate Lecturer, University of Western Sydney, Macarthur Campus (By teleconference)

Office of Asset Sales and Information Technology Outsourcing

Mr Mike Hutchinson, Chief Executive

Optus Communications

Mr Bruce Meagher, Manager, Government Affairs

Mr Adam Suckling, Group Manager, Regulatory Policy

Ms Deirdre O'Donnell, Manager, Regulatory Strategy

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)

Mr Rod Shogren, Commissioner for Telecommunications

Mr Ron Cameron, Directory, Telecommunications Policy Coordination

Australian Local Government Association

Mr Graham Sansom, Chief Executive Officer

Ms Kristin Stewart, Senior Policy Officer

Council of Small Business Organisations of Australia

Mr Rob Bastian, Chief Executive Officer

Mr Vincent Mitchell, Consultant

National Farmers' Federation

Mr John Watson, Senior Vice-President

Dr Wendy Craik, Executive Director

Mr Robert Ceramidas, Chief Executive Officer, Farmwide Pty Ltd

Mr Mark Needham, Director, Infrastructure Development, Farmwide Pty Ltd