Senate Standing Committees on Environment and Communications

Completed inquiries and reports

Consult the Register of Senate Committee Reports if you are unsure when a report was tabled.

Inquiry name Date completed
General Inquiry Reports (References Committee)  
Access to Heritage - Government response (PDF 2889KB) June 1998
Marine and Coastal Pollution - Government reponse (PDF 21134KB) October 1997
Report on Petitions June 1997
Telstra: To Sell or Not Sell? September 1996
Bills Reports (Legislation Committee)  
Report on the provisions of the Broadcasting Services Amendment Bill 1998 8 December 1998
Film Licensed Investment Company Bill 1998, Taxation Laws Amendment (Flim Licensed Investment Company) Bill 1998 26 November 1998
Television Broadcasting Services (Digital Conversion) Bill 1998 and Datacasting Charge (Imposition) Bill 1998 June 1998
Telstra (transition to full private ownership) Bill 1998 May 1998
Report on the National Transmission Network Sale Bill 1997 March 1998
National Environment Protection Measures (Implementation) Bill 1997 March 1998
Telecommunications Bills Package 1996 5 March 1997
Natural Heritage Trust of Australia Bill 1996 November 1996
Pre 1999
Soccer: Second Report November 1995
Arts Education - Government response (PDF 2488KB) October 1995
Soccer - Government response (PDF 442KB) June 1995
Waste Disposal - Government response (PDF 7235KB) September 1994
Water Resources - Toxic Algae - Government response (PDF 6165KB) December 1993
Physical and Sport Education - Government response (PDF 17134KB) December 1992
The Australian Environment and Tourism Report - Government response (PDF 6915KB) September 1992
The circumstances surrounding the positive drug test on Mr Alex Watson - Government response (PDF 9494KB) May 1992
Consideration of the Australian Capital Territory Self Government Legislation Amendment Bill 1991 (PDF 53KB) November 1991
Consideration of the Australian Capital Territory (Electoral) Amendment Bill 1991 May 1991
Consideration of the Australian Heritage Commission Amendment Bill 1990 (PDF 99KB) 4 December 1990
Harassment of a witness - Drugs in sport inquiry (PDF 1063KB) October 1990
Consideration of the Australian National Maratime Museum Bill 1989 (PDF 102KB) 13 September 1990
Drugs in Sport - Government response (PDF 6317KB) May 1990
Environmental Impact of Development Assistance - Government response (PDF 12092KB) December 1989
Interim Report: Drugs in Sport May 1989
Harassment of a witness - Drugs in sport inquiry (PDF 134KB) 8 December 1988
The potential of the Kakadu National Park region November 1988