The circumstances surrounding the positive drug test on Mr Alex Watson

The circumstances surrounding the positive drug test on Mr Alex Watson

May 1992

© Commonwealth of Australia 1992
ISBN 0 642 18011 3

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Introduction (PDF 199KB)
Acronyms and Abbreviations
Recommendations - Committee Report
Recommendations - Minority Report
Committee Report
Alex Watson's Positive Drug Test (PDF 145KB)
The Positive Test
Minority Report
Chapter 1 Annual Reports of the Australian Sports Commission (PDF 69KB)
Chapter 2 Drugs in Sport and the Olympic Games (PDF 172KB)
The Emergence of a Drug Problem Among Australian Athletes
Efforts to Combat Drug Misuse
     The IOC Medical Commission
     Australian Authorities and Sports Drugs
Proscribed Drugs
     Caffeine as a Doping Substance
      Agreements and Briefings
Chapter 3 Mr Wataon's Positive Drug Test And Its Consequences in Australia (PDF 893KB)
The Positive Drug Test: 21 September 1988
Mennath of the Drug Test: 22-24 September 1988
Simulated Drug Test in Australia: 29 October 1988
Drugs in Sport - Senate Hearing: 21 November 1988
Drugs in Sport - Senate Hearing: 30 November 1988
     Complaints Against the AOF
     Complaints About Caffeine Testing
Mr Watson's Appeal Against the AOF Ban: 11 May 1989
Further Senate Hearings
     Senate Hearing: 10 May 1991
     Senate Wearing: 4 November 1991
     Senate Hearing: 5 December 1991
Findings About the Role of the AOF
     Complaints Against the AOF
     Origin of the AOF Attitude
     Timing of Advice about Positive Test
     Separation from the Team
     Denial of Contacting Parents
     Lack of Contact with AOF
     Access to Facilities for Test
     Letter to Mr Roh
     Lack of Advocate
     Appropriateness of AOF Penalty
Chapter 4 International Inquiries: Findings and Conclusions (PDF 700KB)
Mr Watson and the IOC Caffeine Rule
An IOC Appeal?
     The Principles of Olympism
A UIPMB Appeal?
The Court of Arbitration for Sport
     The Powers of the Court
     The Procedures of the Court
     Mr Watson's Request: September 1989
The British Experience
Chapter 5 Caffeine: Doubts and Scientific Evidence (PDF 631KB)
Confusion in 1988
     The Australian Team Briefing
     Statements from Seoul
     Mr Watson's Understanding
     Accepted Views in Pentathlon in 1988
Recent Scientific Studies
     Article by Professor D. Birkett and Dr J. Miners
     Caffeine Levels
     Dr K. Donald
     Professor A. Beckett
Conclusion on the Scientific Evidence
General Findings and Conclusions
Appendicies (PDF 671KB)
Appendix1 List of Submissions
Appendix 2 List of Public Hearings and Witnesses
Appendix S Letters to IOC Officials
Appendix 4 Letter from British Olympic Association
Appendix 5 Letter from Professor R. Day