Appendix 2

Public hearings

Thursday, 23 November 2017 – Sydney

Water Services Association of Australia

Mr Stuart Wilson, Deputy Executive Director

Dr Karl Mallon, Director, Science and Systems, Climate Risk Pty Ltd

Floodplain Management Australia

Mr Paul Grech, Land Use Planning Director

Mr Dwayne Honor, Queensland Director

Sustainable Business Australia

Mr Andrew Peterson, Chief Executive Officer

Investor Group on Climate Change

Ms Emma Herd, Chief Executive Officer

Consult Australia

Ms Megan Motto, Chief Executive

Climate Council of Australia

Professor Lesley Hughes, Councillor

Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council

Ms Kirsty Kelly, Representative

Standards Australia

Mr Varant Meguerditchian, General Manager, Stakeholder Engagement

Dr Jed Horner, Policy Manager

Insurance Australia Group

Mr Mark Leplastrier, Senior Manager, Natural Perils

Mr Ramana James, Head of Group, Shared Value

Insurance Council of Australia

Mr Karl Sullivan, General Manager, Policy Risk and Disaster

National Insurance Brokers Association of Australia

Mr Tim Wedlock, President

Mr Dallas Booth, Chief Executive Officer

Thursday, 15 March 2018 – Melbourne

Centre for Sustainable Infrastructure, Swinburne University of Technology

Dr Morshed Alam, Senior Research Fellow

Professor Patrick Zou, Professor of Construction

Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand

Professor Tor Hundloe, Chair, Climate Change Special Interest Section

Law Institute of Victoria

Mr Hubert Algie, Chair, Environmental Issues Committee

Mr Jamie Bedelis, Chair, Property and Environmental Law Section Executive Committee

Dr Leonie Kelleher, Member, Environmental Issues Committee

Australian Coastal Councils Association Inc.

Mr Alan Stokes, Executive Director

Councillor Richard Ellis, Committee Member

City of Melbourne

Mr Gavin Ashley, Team Leader, Climate Resilience

Hobsons Bay City Council

Mr William Millard, Director Strategic Development

South East Councils Climate Change Alliance

Ms Dominique La Fontaine, Executive Officer

City of Port Phillip

Mr Brett Walters, Manager Sustainability and Transport

Mr Steven McKellar, Senior Project Manager, Climate Adaptation and Sustainability

Thursday, 22 March 2018 – Canberra

Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation

Dr Craig James, Research Program Director

Dr Russell Wise, Senior Research Scientist

Bureau of Meteorology

Mr Neil Plummer, General Manager, Community Forecasts

Dr Aurel Moise, Principal Research Scientist

Housing Industry Association Ltd

Ms Kristin Brookfield, Chief Executive, Industry Policy

Mr Michael Roberts, Executive Director, Planning and Environment

Australian Building Codes Board

Mr Neil Savery, Chief Executive Officer

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