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1Mr Peter Lowe (PDF 17 KB) 
2Ms Karen McQuigg (PDF 65 KB) 
3Deafness Council WA Inc (PDF 59 KB) 
4CPSU (PDF 79 KB) 
5Communications Law Centre, University of Technology Sydney (PDF 419 KB) 
6Media Access Australia (PDF 75 KB) 
7Name Withheld (PDF 59 KB) 
8Age and Disability Discrimination Commissioner (PDF 21 KB) 
9Name Withheld (PDF 37 KB) 
10Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (PDF 241 KB) 
11Access Innovation Media Pty Limited (PDF 250 KB) 
12Deafness Forum of Australia (PDF 155 KB) 
13Deaf Australia (PDF 347 KB) 
14SBS (PDF 399 KB) 
15ASTRA (PDF 929 KB) 
16Ms Rita Pasqualini (PDF 15 KB) 
17Australian Federation of Disability Organisations (PDF 80 KB) 
18Foxtel (PDF 293 KB) 
19Free TV Australia (PDF 179 KB) 
20Department of Communications (PDF 3468 KB) 

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About this inquiry

The reasons for the referral are that the removal of auditing requirements for Australian content has the potential to significantly impact the amount of Australian content in the local broadcast media landscape. In addition, there are significant concerns over the legislation's changes to captioning requirements. Both have the potential to significantly impact the viewing experience of Australian television content for local audiences.

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