Australian Greens' dissenting report

The Australian Greens are concerned that the government is using the exceptional circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic to push through contentious changes to Australia Post.
We cannot support the measures in the Australian Postal Corporation (Performance Standards) Amendment Regulations 2020 as there is significant concern in the community that these measures will not be a temporary measure for the duration of the pandemic, but will be extended by the government to become normal practice for Australia Post. Such measures put at risk the jobs of Australia Post workers as well as diminish the services Australians receive from their postal system.
The Australian Greens agree with the recommendation that, should the government choose to implement future strategic changes to the postal service, the government commence a comprehensive public consultation. In addition, the Australian Greens support the recommendation that all Australian government entities, including Australia Post, provide regular training and support to senior staff and officials to ensure they can meet their responsibilities to the Senate and its committees through understanding of the Senate procedures.


That the Senate disallow the Australian Postal Corporation (Performance Standards) Amendment Regulations 2020.
Senator Sarah Hanson-Young
Deputy Chair

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