Budget Savings (Omnibus) Bill 2016 [Provisions]

14 September 2016

© Commonwealth of Australia 2016
ISBN 978-1-76010-452-8

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Senate Economics References Committee (PDF 22KB)
Chapter 1 - Introduction and overview of the bill (PDF 56KB)

Conduct of the inquiry
Financial impact
Summary of the bill's measures

Chapter 2 - Higher education financial support measures (PDF 39KB)

Schedule 1: Minimum repayment income for HELP debts
Schedule 2: Indexation of higher education support amounts
Schedule 3: Removal of the HECS-HELP benefit
Committee view

Chapter 3 - Health measures (PDF 66KB)

Schedule 6: Indexation of the private health insurance thresholds
Schedule 7: Abolishing the National Health Performance Authority
Schedule 8: Aged care
Schedule 9: Dental services
Committee view

Chapter 4 - Welfare measures (PDF 134KB)

Schedule 4: Job commitment bonus
Schedule 10: Newly arrived resident's waiting period
Schedule 11: Student Start-up scholarships
Schedule 12: Interest charge
Schedule 13: Debt recovery
Schedule 14: Parental leave payments
Schedule 15: Fringe benefits
Schedule 16: Carer's allowance
Schedule 17:  Indexation of family tax benefit and parental leave thresholds
Schedule 18: Pension means testing for aged care residents
Schedule 19: Employment income
Schedule 20: Psychiatric confinement
Schedule 21: Closing carbon tax compensation to new welfare recipients
Committee view

Chapter 5 - Australian Renewable Energy Agency financing, and other measures (PDF 71KB)

Schedule 5: Australian Renewable Energy Agency's (ARENA) finances
Schedule 22: Rates of R&D tax offset
Schedule 23: Single touch payroll reporting
Schedule 24: Single appeal path under the Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Act
Committee view

Addendum - Proposed amendments to the bill (PDF 14KB)

Removal of schedule 9: Dental services
Removal of schedule 20:  Psychiatric confinement
Amendment of schedule 5: Australian Renewable Energy Agency’s finances
Amendment of schedule 21: Closing carbon tax compensation to new welfare recipients
Addition of a new schedule: FTB Part A end-of-year supplement – means testing

Dissenting Report by Labor Senators (PDF 12KB)

Specific measures

Dissenting report by the Australian Greens (PDF 67KB)

Opposition to the bill
Australian Renewable Energy Agency
Backdating the Carer Allowance
Extending freezes of family tax benefit and parental leave thresholds
Interest charges and debt recovery
Cutting the Clean Energy Supplement
Psychiatric confinement
R&D Tax Offsets
Cutting the Child Dental Benefits Schedule
Higher Education Cuts

Appendix 1 - Submissions received (PDF 22KB)

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