Submissions to this inquiry received in the 44th Parliament can be accessed here.

Submissions received by the Committee

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76Mr Tony Kennedy (PDF 4211 KB) 
77Fairview (PDF 487 KB) 
78Product Presence Pty Ltd (PDF 50 KB) 
79Expanded Polystyrene Australia (PDF 372 KB) 
79.1 Supplementary to submission 79 (PDF 382 KB) 
79.2 Supplementary to submission 79 (PDF 3785 KB) 
80Building Commission, Department of Commerce, Western Australia (PDF 540 KB)  Attachment 1 (PDF 1711 KB) 
81Australian Construction Industry Forum (PDF 312 KB) 
81.1 Supplementary to submission 81 (PDF 267 KB) 
82Australian Institute Of Marine And Power Engineers (PDF 230 KB) 
83Building Products Innovation Council (PDF 136 KB) 
83.1 Supplementary to submission 83 (PDF 114 KB) 
84Plumbing Products Industry Group (PDF 178 KB) 
85Mr David Chandler & Dr Mary Hardie (PDF 954 KB) 
86Electrical Trades Union (PDF 852 KB) 
87Green Building Council of Australia (PDF 79 KB) 
88Owners Corporation Network of Australia Ltd (PDF 450 KB)  Attachment 1 (PDF 247 KB) 
88.1 Supplementary to submission 88 (PDF 422 KB) 
89SafeWork SA (PDF 317 KB) 
90Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency (PDF 341 KB) 
91Australian Government Department of Employment (PDF 438 KB) 
92Asbestos Disease Support Society (PDF 405 KB) 
93Mairin OHS&E Consulting Pty Ltd (PDF 4832 KB) 
94Mr Geoff Fary (PDF 97 KB) 
95Australian Constructors Association  (PDF 277 KB) 

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About this inquiry

An inquiry into the effects of non-conforming building products on the Australian building and construction industry.

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