Appendix 3

List of recommendations from the Interim report: aluminium composite cladding

Recommendation 1

3.65    The committee recommends the Australian government implement a total ban on the importation, sale and use of Polyethylene core aluminium composite panels as a matter of urgency.

Recommendation 2

4.21    The committee recommends that the Commonwealth government work with state and territory governments to establish a national licensing scheme, with requirements for continued professional development for all building practitioners.

Recommendation 3

4.45    The committee recommends that the Building Minister's Forum give further consideration to introducing nationally consistent measures to increase accountability for participants across the supply chain.

Recommendation 4

4.56    The committee strongly recommends that the Commonwealth government consider making all Australian Standards and codes freely available.

Recommendation 5

4.66    The committee recommends the Commonwealth government consider imposing a penalties regime for non-compliance with the National Construction Code such as revocation of accreditation or a ban from tendering for Commonwealth funded construction work and substantial financial penalties. 

Recommendation 6

4.67    The committee recommends the Commonwealth government ensure the Federal Safety Commissioner is adequately resourced to ensure the office is able to carry out its duties in line with the new audit function and projected work flow.

Recommendation 7

4.74    The committee welcomes the Commonwealth government's decision to give further consideration to Director Identification Numbers and recommends that it expedites this process in order to prevent directors from engaging in illegal phoenix activity.

Recommendation 8

4.81    The committee recommends that state and territory governments work together to develop a nationally consistent statutory duty of care protection for end users in the residential strata sector.

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