Public hearings

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Parliament of Victoria, Melbourne


Mirabel Foundation

McCREA, Ms Elizabeth, Advocacy and Family Support

PATTON, Mrs Nicole, Manager Kinship Care and Research

Australian Psychological Society

CICHELLO, Mrs Mila, Member, Expert Reference Group Convened for this Submission

GRIDLEY, Ms Heather, Australian Psychological Society Fellow, Manager of Public Interest

KIRALY, Ms Meredith, Member, Expert Reference Group Convened for this Submission

MIFSUD, Ms Cynthia Ann, Member, Expert Reference Group Convened for this Submission

Grandparents Victoria and Kinship Carers, Victoria

BROWN, Mrs Helen, President Grandparents Victoria

BURKE, Ms Geraldine, Committee Member, Kinship Carers, Victoria

McLEISH, Mrs Anne, Director

COX, Mr Terry, Private capacity

COX, Ms Pam, Private capacity

Victorian Commission for Children and Young People

BOAG, Ms Pam, Principal Policy Advisor

CARROLL, Mr Ray, Manager, Monitoring Programs and Services

GEARY, Mr Bernie, Principal Commissioner

JACKOMOS, Mr Andrew, Commissioner for Aboriginal Children and Young People

Australian Institute of Family Studies

HAYES, Professor Alan, Director

MOLONEY, Professor Lawrence John, Senior Research Fellow

WESTON, Ms Ruth, Assistant Director, Research

Australian Association of Social Workers

FRAYNE, Ms Wendy, Social Worker and Team Leader, Kinship Care

ROUCH, Ms Sue, Social Policy Officer

Australian Foster Care Association

EDWARDS, Ms Sue, Committee Member, Kinship Carer and Social Worker

FALCONER, Ms Helen Elizabeth Lynne, Policy Officer and Retired Foster Carer

ORR, Mrs Beverley, OAM, President

Permanent Care and Adoptive Families          

CARMEN, Ms Brenda, General Manager

O'NEILL, Dr Caroline, Board Member and Founder

Centre for Excellence in Child and Family Welfare

Ashlee, Ms, Grandchild representative

Jordan, Mr, Grandchild representative

KIRALY, Ms Meredith, Kinship Care Researcher and Consultant

PURTELL, Ms Jade, CREATE Foundation

TSORBARIS, Ms Deborah, Chief Executive Officer

Department of Health and Human Services, Tasmanian Government     

DIAMOND, Dr Susan, Director, Strategy, Program Development and Evaluation

GILSON, Ms Nerilie, Manager, Community Services Program, Disability and Community Services


Friday, 13 June 2014

NSW Parliament, Sydney


JENKINS, Dr Bridget Louise, Research Associate, Centre for Social Impact

Grandparent and Kinship Carers Association Inc., Mid North Coast NSW        

NICHOLSON, Ms Annette, Committee Member and Public Officer

NICHOLSON, Dr Stephen, President

O'NEILL, Ms Merilyn, Policy Officer

North West Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Tasmania

LEE, Mr George Anthony, Secretary

BACKHOUSE, Dr Jan, Private Capacity

CREATE Foundation

BUCKNALL, Ms Kelly, Community Facilitator

Miss Kathleen, Private Capacity

Uniting Care Community

ARGEROS, Ms Julie, Service Coordinator, Time for Grandparents Program

PROCOPIS, Ms Christine, Manager, Older Persons Programs

Blue Care Multicultural Service

HEUFT, Mrs Gabriele, Multicultural Adviser

SEPULVEDA, Mrs Mercedes, Multicultural Service Manager

Shoalcoast Community Legal Centre Inc.

FAHEY, Mr Brett, Area Manager, New South Wales South Coast, Mission Australia

KELLY, Ms MaryJean, Aboriginal Family Law Support Worker

McLAINE, Ms Meredith, Solicitor

The Aged-care Rights Service Inc.

COWEN, Mr Tom, Manager, Legal Services

SMALL, Mrs Margaret, Solicitor, Older Persons Legal Service

Winangay Resources Inc.

BLACKLOCK, Aunty Suzanne, Chair

BONSER, Mrs Gillian Patricia, Board Member, Cofounder and Developer

HAYDEN, Ms Paula Marie, Public Officer

Australian Human Rights Commission

TRIGGS, Prof. Gillian, President


Friday, 20 June 2014

Parliament House, Canberra


Women's Legal Services NSW

LOUGHMAN, Ms Janet, Principal Solicitor

WILLIAMS, Ms Shannon, Senior Community Access Officer, Indigenous Women's Legal Program

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

KINNEAR, Dr Pamela, Head, Continuing and Specialised Care Group

National Legal Aid

JACKSON, Ms Julie, Legal Aid Western Australia Representative, Family Law Working Group

SCHILD, Mr Derek, Legal Aid ACT Representative, Grants National Statistics Working Group

COTA Australia

ROOT, Ms Josephine, National Policy Manager

Department of Social Services

HEFREN-WEBB, Ms Elizabeth, Acting Group Manager, Families

Department of Human Services

McNEIL, Mr Matt, Director, Families Division

THIVEOS, Mr George, General Manager, Families Division


Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Rydges Airport Resort, Darwin


The North Australian Aboriginal Justice Agency

STRONG, Mr Matthew Benjamin, Senior Solicitor, Family Law and Child Protection, Civil Section

Foster Carers Association NT Incorporated

OWEN, Ms Ann Maree, Executive Director

Child Australia

BOOTH, Ms Kellie, Indigenous Programs

Larrakia Nation Aboriginal Corporation

KURNOTH, Ms Patricia

PILKINGTON, Mr James, General Manager


Wednesday, 6 August 2014

WA Parliament Legislative Council Committee Offices, Perth


Commissioner for Children and Young People, Western Australia

PERKINS, Mrs Jenni, Acting Commissioner

HEATH, Mrs Trish, Principal Policy Officer

Department for Child Protection and Family Support

WHITE, Ms Emma, Acting Director General

Wanslea Family Services Inc

MURRAY, Ms Patricia, Chief Executive Officer

BAILE, Ms Susan, Coordinator, Grandcare

LUND, Mr Stephan John, Executive Manager, Out-of-Home Care and Specialist Services

STRATTON, Dr Katrina, Coordinator, Research and Evaluation

Grandparents Rearing Grandchildren WA (Inc)

BENDLE, Ms Kaye Roslyn, President

DE YOUNG, Mrs Sharyne Ann, Secretary

FITZTHUM, Mrs Shirley, Member

BURTON, Mr Malcolm, Private Capacity

BURTON, Mrs Liz, Private Capacity

EVANS, Ms Susette, Private Capacity

HINKLEY, Mr Eugene, Private Capacity

HINKLEY, Mrs Helen, Private Capacity

ROBINSON, Ms Diane, Private Capacity

STANDEN, Ms Jan, Private Capacity

HOPE, Mrs Elizabeth, Private Capacity

Department of Human Services

DEI-ROSSI, Ms Donna, Grandparent Adviser

FUTCHER, Ms Pene, Operational Manager, Grandparent Adviser Program Delivery

THORNTON, Ms Susan, Grandparent Adviser

VOLKERS, Mr Bill, General Manager, Face to Face Service Delivery

Gosnells Community Legal Centre Inc

MUNGAR, Mr Patrick, Solicitor

TAYLOR, Ms Lorraine, Solicitor


Thursday, 7 August 2014

Senior Citizen's Centre, Albany


Wanslea Family Services Inc.

McSEVICH, Mr Moray, Manger, Albany Branch

BROOKS, Mrs Sue, Private Capacity

KILLEY, Mr David, Private Capacity

KILLEY, Mrs Kim, Private Capacity

TUGWELL, Mr Michael, Private Capacity

BENPORATH, Mr Graham, Private Capacity

MASON, Ms Aishya, Private Capacity

PRATT, Mr Geoffrey, Private Capacity

PRATT, Mrs Nicolette, Private Capacity

ANDERSON, Ms Barbara, Private Capacity

COX, Mr Roy, Private Capacity

RICHARDS, Mrs Patricia, Private Capacity

RICHARDS, Mr Ron, Private Capacity


Friday, 19 September 2014

Parliament of Tasmania, Hobart


FARRELL, Ms Kylie, Private Capacity

HALL, Mrs Kathleen, Private Capacity

HENDERSON, Mr Ross, Private Capacity

ROBERTS, Mrs Wendy, Private Capacity

ROBERTSON, Mrs Ann, Private Capacity

WARD, Mr John, Private Capacity

UnitingCare Tasmania

O’NEILL, Ms Linda, Chief Executive Officer

BEVAN, Ms Anne, Support Worker

JEFFRIES, Mrs Christine, Support Worker, Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Program

Mission Australia

MUNDY, Mr Noel, State Director


D'ELIA, Ms Mary, State Operations Manager, Tasmania

HURST, Ms Cathy, Northern Region Manager

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