Public hearings

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Medicines Australia

JAMES, Mr Timothy, Chief Executive Officer

GALLAGHER, Mr David, Board Member; and Chairman and Managing Director, Pfizer Australia

TENNYSON, Dr Mark, Board Member; and Executive Medical Director, Amgen Australia Pty Ltd

Ovarian Cancer Australia

NIELSEN, Dr Katherine, Director, Research and Advocacy

Australian Melanoma Research Foundation

COVENTRY, Professor Brendon, Research Director

ASHDOWN, Mr Martin, Research Fellow, Faculty of Medicine, University of Melbourne

Leukaemia Foundation of Australia

STEELE, Mr Anthony, Head of Blood Cancer Support

BRUGGER, Mr Christopher, Private capacity

BRUGGER, Mrs Naomi, Private capacity

Cure Brain Cancer Foundation  

LITTLEFIELD, Mr Barrie, Head of Engagement

STEWART, Ms Michelle, Head of Research Strategy

Novartis Oncology Australia and New Zealand

LOREZ, Mr Christoph, General Manager

THOMAS, Ms Jodie, Head of Access to Medicines and Pricing

Merck Sharp and Dohme Australia

SELLARS, Mr Christian, Director, Market Access and Public Affairs

RICHARDS, Ms Nicola, Head of Public Affairs

Roche Products

PULLAR, Mr David, Manager, Government Affairs and Public Policy

TODD, Ms Carlene, Director, Market Access and Pricing

CanTeen Australia

ORCHARD, Mr Peter, Chief Executive Officer

OSBORN, Dr Michael, Lead Clinician, Youth Cancer Service South Australia and Northern Territory

Australian and New Zealand Children's Haematology and Oncology Group

FRASER, Dr Christopher, Chair

DALLA-POZZA, Dr Luciano, Board Member

The Kids' Cancer Project

NEILSON, Mr Peter, Director, Strategy and Partnerships

ANDERSON, Ms Susan, Representative

Rare Cancers Australia   

VINES, Mr Richard, Executive Chair

CANNINGS, Mr John, Private capacity          

The Unicorn Foundation  

LEYDEN, Ms Simone, Chief Executive Officer

Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia 

DIPROSE, Ms Emily, Federal Councillor

ALEXANDER, Ms Susan, Member

Cancer Council Australia

GROGAN, Mr Paul, Director, Public Policy and Advocacy

Clinical Oncology Society of Australia

KIRSA, Mrs Suzanne, Adviser and Member

Palliative Care Australia

BRESNAN, Ms Amanda, National Policy and Programs Manager

Australian and New Zealand Society of Palliative Medicine

CHAPMAN, Dr Michael, Secretary

Medical Oncology Group of Australia

STEER, Dr Christopher, Member

Private Cancer Physicians of Australia

STEER, Dr Christopher, President

Cancer Drugs Alliance

ZALCBERG, Professor John, Co-Chair

Melanoma Patients Australia     

ANDERSEN, Ms Hayley, Chief Executive Officer

Advanced Prostate Cancer Support Groups   

MARSHALL, Mr James, Convenor

Australian Melanoma Consumer Alliance

MARSHALL, Ms Louise, Founding Member

Breast Cancer Network Australia

WELLS, Ms Kathryn, Head, Policy, Research and Advocacy

COWLEY, Mrs Karen, Consumer Representative and Cancer Survivor

Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee          

HILL, Dr Suzanne, Former Chair

WARD, Prof. Robyn, Member

WATSON, Ms Jo, Member

Department of Health

STUART, Mr Andrew, Deputy Secretary

McNEILL, Ms Felicity, First Assistant Secretary, Pharmaceutical Benefits Division

PLATONA, Ms Adriana, Assistant Secretary, Pharmaceutical Evaluation Branch, Pharmaceutical Benefits Division

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