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1Australian Privacy Foundation (PDF 300 KB) 
2Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity (PDF 355 KB) 
2.1 Supplementary to submission 2 (PDF 125 KB) 
3Commonwealth Ombudsman (PDF 899 KB) 
3.1 Supplementary to submission 3 (PDF 151 KB) 
4Name Withheld (PDF 24 KB) 
5Corruption and Crime Commission (PDF 890 KB) 
6Mr Peter Jardine (PDF 54 KB) 
7Mr Eric Wilson (PDF 2848 KB) 
7.1 Supplementary to submission 7 (PDF 151 KB) 
7.2 Supplementary to submission 7 (PDF 604 KB) 
8Western Australia Police Force (PDF 1935 KB) 
9International Civil Liberties and Technology Coalition (PDF 119 KB) 
10Department of Home Affairs (PDF 294 KB) 
10.1 Supplementary to submission 10 (PDF 584 KB) 
11Mr. Peter Swire (PDF 217 KB) 
12NSW Police Force (PDF 2497 KB) 
12.1 Supplementary to submission 12 (PDF 115 KB) 
12.2 Supplementary to submission 12 (PDF 69 KB) 
13Police Federation of Australia (PDF 131 KB) 
14Communications Alliance (PDF 185 KB) 
15Allens Hub for Technology, Law and Innovation (PDF 324 KB) 
16Attorney-General's Department (PDF 528 KB) 
17Australian National University Law Reform and Social Justice Research Hub (PDF 122 KB) 
18Law Enforcement Conduct Commission (PDF 1571 KB) 
19Mr Thomas McBride (PDF 402 KB) 
20BSA|The Software Alliance (PDF 323 KB) 
20.1 Supplementary to submission 20 (PDF 260 KB) 

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About this inquiry

The Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security (PJCIS) has commenced a review into the effectiveness of the Telecommunications Legislation Amendment (International Production Orders) Bill 2020. The bill review was referred to the Committee by the Hon Peter Dutton MP, Minister for Home Affairs.



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