Submissions received by the Committee

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1Mr Robert Heron (PDF 109 KB) 
2Australian National Audit Office (PDF 300 KB) 
2.1 Supplementary to submission 2 (PDF 205 KB) 
2.2 Supplementary to submission 2 (PDF 178 KB) 
2.3 Supplementary to submission 2 (PDF 2449 KB) 
3Dr William Stoltz (PDF 321 KB) 
4Office of National Intelligence (PDF 1229 KB) 
4.1 Supplementary to submission 4 (PDF 1901 KB) 
4.2 Supplementary to submission 4 (PDF 2249 KB) 
5Civil Liberties Australia (PDF 219 KB)  Attachment 1 (PDF 689 KB) 
6Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (PDF 1553 KB) 
6.1 Supplementary to submission 6 (PDF 2050 KB) 
7Australian Secret Intelligence Service (PDF 1603 KB) 
7.1 Supplementary to submission 7 (PDF 1999 KB) 
8Australian Signals Directorate (PDF 1653 KB) 
8.1 Supplementary to submission 8 (PDF 2100 KB) 
9Department of Defence (PDF 236 KB) 
9.1 Supplementary to submission 9 (PDF 1851 KB) 
9.2 Supplementary to submission 9 (PDF 2151 KB) 
10Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security (PDF 728 KB) 
10.1 Supplementary to submission 10 (PDF 2300 KB) 
11Mr Damon O'Hara (PDF 394 KB) 

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About this inquiry

The Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security is required under Section 29(1)(a) of the Intelligence Services Act 2001, to conduct an annual review of the administration, expenditure and financial statements of ASIO, ASIS, AGO, DIO, ASD and ONI.

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