Appendix 3

Appendix 3

Public hearings and witnesses

Friday 8 December 2017 Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

Ms Sherri Goodman, Senior Fellow, Woodrow Wilson International Center

Dr David Titley, Rear Admiral USN (Retired), Professor and Director, Center for Solutions to Weather and Climate Risk, Pennsylvania State University

Australian Strategic Policy Institute

Dr Anthony Bergin, Senior Analyst; Senior Research Fellow, Australian National University

Dr Paul Barnes, Head of Risk and Resilience

Centre for Policy Development

Mr Robert Sturrock, Policy Director

UNSW Canberra at the Australian Defence Force Academy

Dr Stuart Pearson, Honorary Associate Professor of Geography, School of Physical Environmental and Mathematical Sciences

Professor Anthony Burke, Professor of International Politics, School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Professor Shirley Scott, Professor of International Relations, School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Honorary Professor Admiral Chris Barrie AC (Retired), private capacity

Climate Council of Australia

Dr Michael Thomas

Oxfam Australia

Dr Simon Bradshaw, Climate Change Advocacy Lead

ActionAid Australia

Ms Lucy Manne, Head of Campaigns

Australian Council for International Development

Dr Amrita Malhi, Development Economics Adviser

Mr Ian Dunlop, Senior Member, Advisory Board, Breakthrough—National Centre for Climate Restoration

Tuesday 20 March 2018 Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

Department of Defence

Mr Steven Grzeskowiak, Deputy Secretary, Estate and Infrastructure Group

Air Vice Marshal Mel Hupfeld, Head Force Design

Air Commodore Richard Lennon, Director General Force Analysis

Dr Peter Sawczak, Assistant Secretary Strategic Policy

Department of the Environment and Energy

Ms Helen Wilson, Acting Deputy Secretary, Climate Change and Energy Innovation

Mr Brad Archer, First Assistant Secretary, International Climate Change and Energy

Innovation Division

Ms Kushla Munro, Assistant Secretary, International Branch

Ms Katie Eberle, Director, Carbon Markets and Bilateral Engagement

Dr Will Howard, Assistant Director, Mitigation and Climate Science

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Mr Patrick Suckling, Ambassador for the Environment

Mr Paul Kelly, Assistant Secretary, Humanitarian Response, Risk and Recovery Branch

Department of Home Affairs

Mr Luke Brown, Acting Assistant Secretary, Disaster Resilience Strategy Branch

Mr Mark Crosweller, Director General, Emergency Management Australia

Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)

Dr Craig James, Research Program Director

Mr John Clarke, Team Leader, Regional Projections

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