Submissions received by the Committee

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 1126 items in 57 pages
1Dr Kylie Moore-Gilbert (PDF 81 KB) 
2Name Withheld (PDF 129 KB) 
3Name Withheld (PDF 43 KB) 
4Mr Nima Dabiri (PDF 21 KB) 
5Mr Moezeddin Mousavi Mahyari (PDF 483 KB) 
5.1 Supplementary to submission 5 (PDF 161 KB) 
6Kurdish Lobby Australia (PDF 263 KB) 
7Name Withheld (PDF 30 KB) 
8Ms Trudy Hairs (PDF 87 KB) 
9Name Withheld (PDF 40 KB) 
10Mr Ek Taghdir (PDF 300 KB) 
11Name Withheld (PDF 558 KB) 
11.1 Supplementary to submission 11 (PDF 315 KB) 
12Name Withheld (PDF 59 KB) 
13Dr. Kaveh Eghtesadi (PDF 82 KB) 
13.1 Supplementary to submission 13 (PDF 178 KB) 
14Name Withheld (PDF 567 KB) 
15Name Withheld (PDF 78 KB) 
16Monash University Gender, Peace and Security Centre (PDF 2024 KB) 
16.1 Supplementary to submission 16 (PDF 109 KB) 
17Name Withheld (PDF 174 KB) 
18Name Withheld (PDF 2888 KB) 
19Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran (PDF 2662 KB) 
Additional Information (PDF 378 KB) 
Additional Information (PDF 3938 KB) 
Additional Information (PDF 2180 KB) 
Additional Information (PDF 1556 KB) 
Additional Information (PDF 2930 KB) 
Additional Information (PDF 3747 KB) 
Additional Information (PDF 2435 KB) 
Additional Information (PDF 242 KB) 
20Mr Ali Safaei (PDF 106 KB) 

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