Appendix 2

Public Hearings and witnesses

Tuesday 22 August 2017 Darwin

Mr Brendan Dowd, Chief Executive Officer, City of Darwin

Mr Ricki Bruhn, Chief Executive Officer, City of Palmerston

Defence NT

Mr Jason Schoolmeester, Executive Director

Mr Luke Bowen, General Manager

Australian Industry Defence Network

Mr Andrew Jones, President

Mr Kevin Peters, Chief Executive Officer, Industry Capability Network NT

Mr Greg Bicknell, Chief Executive Officer, Northern Territory Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Master Builders Northern Territory

Mr David Malone, Executive Director

Mr Dick Guit, President

Mr Neil Sunners, Sunbuild

HPA (Helping People Achieve)

Mr Tony Burns, Chief Executive Officer

Irranda Holdings

Mr Colin Rogan, Managing Director and owner

Department of Defence

Brigdier Noel Beutel, Director General, Capital Facilities and Infrastructure

NT Indigenous Business Network

Mr Roy Jansan, Vice-Chair and owner, HSS NT

Rusca Bros

Mr Rodney Illingworth

Coach Charters Australia

Ms Jodie Cassidy, Business Development Manager

Wednesday 23 August 2017 Katherine

Katherine Town Council

Ms Fay Miller, Mayor

Mr Peter Gazey, Deputy Mayor

Mr Jason Schoolmeester, Executive Director, Industry and Economic


NT Indigenous Business Network

Ms Alice Beilby, Public Officer-Katherine Representative

Crowhurst Goodline

Mr Geoff Crowhurst, Managing Director

Katherine Chamber of Commerce

Mr Kevin Grey, Chairperson

ACDC Electrical and Communications Services

Mr Allan Glass, Director

Mrs Katherine Glass, Director

Northern Land Council

Ms Patricia Rigby-Christophersen, Research and Policy Officer

Ngaigu-Mulu Aboriginal Corporation

Mrs May Rosas, Director

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