Terms of Reference

The accuracy of information provided to Defence Force Retirement and Death Benefits (DFRDB) members, including:

  1. the accuracy of information provided to DFRDB members about the effects of commutation on future retirement pay entitlement, the consequences of this, and what remedial action (if any) could be taken;
  2. whether retirement payments were indexed as required by legislation and, if not, what remedial action (if any) could be taken;
  3. policy and legislative issues, including provisions for:
    1. use of certain life expectancy tables,
    2. permanency of reductions to commuted pensions,
    3. indexation arrangements; and
  4. recommendations on any potential changes to administrative arrangements, policy or legislation;
  5. advice on costs associated with any recommendations;
  6. all relevant existing information and previous reviews in relation to DFRDB, including the findings of the Ombudsman's investigation;
  7. the level of understanding among DFRDB members about how the legislation works, and ways to improve this; and
  8. any related issues.

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