Submissions received by the Committee

Procurement procedures for Defence capital projects

Submissions received by the Committee

Sub No.

1Emeritus Professor Lawrence J. Doctors (PDF 1571KB) 
2Dr Richard Brabin-Smith (PDF 146KB) Attachment 1(PDF 83KB) 
3Mr Air Commodore (Retired) E.J. Bushell (PDF 91KB) Attachment 1(PDF 627KB) Attachment 2(PDF 231KB) Attachment 3(PDF 527KB) 
3A Supplementary Submission(PDF 96KB) 
3B Supplementary Submission(PDF 49KB) 
3C Supplementary Submission(PDF 270KB) 
3D Supplementary Submission(PDF 1077KB) 
3E Supplementary Submission(PDF 689KB) 
3F Supplementary Submission(PDF 1545KB) 
3G Supplementary Submission(PDF 572KB) 
4Northern Territory Government (PDF 25KB) 
4A Supplementary Submission(PDF 692KB) 
5The Returned and Services League of Australia Limited (PDF 5712KB) 
6Australian Business Defence Industry Unit (PDF 521KB) 
6A Supplementary Submission(PDF 78KB) 
7CAE Australia Pty Ltd (PDF 49KB) 
8Mr Andrew Davies and Mark Thomson (PDF 51KB) 
9Submarine Institute of Australia Inc (PDF 266KB) 
10Australian Industry Group Defence Council (PDF 97KB) 
11Australian Manufacturing Workers' Union (PDF 132KB) 
11A Supplementary Submission(PDF 198KB) 
12BAE Systems Australia (PDF 80KB) 
13Sonartech ATLAS Pty Ltd (PDF 52KB) Attachment 1(PDF 153KB) 
14QinetiQ and BMT Design and Technology (Joint submission) (PDF 69KB) 
14A Supplementary Submission(PDF 675KB) 
15Babcock Pty Ltd (PDF 1747KB) Attachment 1(PDF 2780KB) 
16Defence Teaming Centre (PDF 137KB) 
17Australian Association for Maritime Affairs (PDF 155KB) 
17A Supplementary Submission(PDF 778KB) 
18Royal Institution of Naval Architects, Australian Division (PDF 2603KB) 
19Australian Industry and Defence Network (AIDN) (PDF 66KB) 
20Mr Bruce Green (PDF 36KB) 
21Department of Defence (PDF 1515KB) 
Supplementary Submission(PDF 1483KB) 
Supplementary Submission(PDF 35KB) 
22Australian National Audit Office (PDF 12975KB) 
22A Supplementary Submission(PDF 2238KB) 
23Department of Finance and Deregulation (PDF 1007KB) 
27Victorian Government (PDF 2648KB) 
28Transparency International Australia (PDF 324KB) Attachment 1(PDF 2228KB) 
29Motive Power Pty. Ltd (PDF 271KB) 
30Miller Costello and Company (PDF 104KB) 
31Defence Science and Technology Organisation (PDF 7208KB) 
32Engineers Australia (PDF 239KB) Attachment 1(PDF 32KB) 
34Mr Derek Woolner (PDF 113KB) 
35Mr Commodore (Retired) Ormsby R. Cooper (PDF 18KB) 
36Association of Professional Engineers, Scientists and Managers Australia  (PDF 180KB) 
37Mr J F De Wet (PDF 31KB) 
39ASC (PDF 106KB) 
40Air Power Australia (PDF 80KB) Attachment 1(PDF 944KB) Attachment 2(PDF 1281KB) Attachment 3(PDF 211KB) 
40A Supplementary Submission(PDF 61KB) 
41DMO (PDF 1474KB) 
42Dr P.J Carson (PDF 4768KB) 

Additional Information Received

1Dr Mark Thomson and Dr Andrew Davies-Public hearing dated 12 August 2011-Serving Australia-Special Report June 2011-Issue 41-Serving Australia Control and administration of the Department of Defence(PDF 914KB) 
2Dr Mark Thomson and Dr Andrew Davies-Public hearing dated 12 August 2011-The cost of Defence ASPI Defence Budget Brief 2011-2012(PDF 2520KB) 
3Australian Industry Group Defence Council-Public hearing dated 11 August 2011-Opening statement(PDF 24KB) 
4Australian Association for Maritime Affairs-Public hearing dated 12 August 2011-Opening statement(PDF 298KB) 
5Submarine Institute of Australia Incorporated-Public hearing dated 12 August 2011-Opening statement(PDF 857KB) 
6QinetiQ and BMT Design and Technology-Public hearing dated 12 August 2011-Additional information(PDF 185KB) 
7Australian Industry and Defence Network-Public hearing dated 11 August 2011-Answer to a question taken on notice by Mr Graham Priestnall(PDF 10KB) 
8Department of Defence-Public hearing dated 5 October 2011-Offshore Combatant Vessel(PDF 11973KB) 
9Department of Defence-Public hearing dated 5 October 2011-Project SEA 1180-Patrol Boat, Mine Hunter Coastal and Hydrographic Ship Replacement(PDF 7662KB) 
10Capability Development Group, Department of Defence-Public hearing dated 7 October 2011-Opening statement(PDF 5397KB) 
11Engineers Australia-2010 Salary and Benefits Survey-Public Hearing dated 5 October 2011(PDF 4835KB) 
12Engineers Australia-Regulation of Engineers-Public Hearing dated 5 October 2011(PDF 2729KB) 
13Department of Defence-Additional information dated 9 August 2011(PDF 358KB) 
14Department of Defence-Additional information dated 4 October 2011(PDF 262KB) 
15Dr Andrew Davies-Additional information dated 12 June 2012(PDF 13KB) 
16Department of Defence-Public Hearing dated 13 June 2012-Capability Development Process 2012 (Requirements Phase)(PDF 104KB) 
17Public hearing dated 13 June 2012-Australian Defence Test & Evaluation Office Organisational Structure 2006-2012(PDF 106KB) 
18Public hearing dated 13 June 2012-Australian Defence Test & Evaluation Office Organisational Structure 2012-2015(PDF 25KB) 

Answers to Questions on Notice

1Department of Defence - Public hearings dated 5 and 7 October - Answers to questions on notice(PDF 1798KB) 
2Department of Defence - Public hearings dated 5 and 7 October - Answers to questions on notice(PDF 4520KB) 

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