Reforms to Australia's military justice system - Third progress report

Reforms to Australia's military justice system - Third progress report

10 September 2007

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ISBN 978-0-642-71868-6

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Members of the Committee (PDF 117KB)
Review of the implementation of reforms to Australia's military justice system (PDF 215KB)

Government's response to the committee's recommendations
Defence's first progress report and the committee's review of Defence's progress
Defence's second progress report
Defence's third progress report
Final Report of the Learning Culture Inquiry
The independence and impartiality of an investigator—Trooper Angus Lawrence
Defence Force Ombudsman's report on management of complaints about unacceptable behaviour
  Fear of reprisal
  Record keeping

Additional comments by Labor members of the Committee (PDF 191KB)
Appendix 1 - Department of Defence: Progress of reforms to the military justice system (PDF 1041KB)
(PDF Format Only)

Appendix 2 - Department of defence: Answers to questions taken on notice - 26 February 2007 (PDF 2144KB)
(PDF Format Only)

Appendix 3 - Recommendations taken from the Commonwealth Ombudsman's report Australian Defence Force: Management of complaints about unacceptable behaviour, June 2007 (PDF 98KB)

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