Submissions received by the committee

Inquiry into the provisions of the Australian Participants in British Nuclear Tests (Treatment) Bill 2006; and, the Australian Participants in British Nuclear Tests (Treatment) (Consequential Amendments and Transitional Provisions) Bill 2006

Submissions received by the committee

Sub No.  
1 Mr John P (Jack) Lonergan (PDF 98KB)
1A Mr John P (Jack) Lonergan (PDF 39KB)
2 Maj (Ret'd) Alan Batchelor (PDF 77KB)
2A Maj (Ret'd) Alan Batchelor (PDF 1149KB)
3 Australian Nuclear Veterans Association Inc. (PDF 95KB)
4 B.C.O.F. National Research, Commemorative & Welfare Association (A.C.T. Inc.) (PDF 68KB)
5 Australian Student Environment Network (PDF 38KB)
6 Mr George Dale Hess (PDF 17KB)
7 Mr Adam Wolfenden (PDF 13KB)
8 Friends of the Earth, Australia (PDF 74KB)
8A Friends of the Earth, Adelaide (PDF 14KB)
9 Mr Patrick T Byrt (PDF 26KB)
10 Ms Sue Roff (PDF 106KB)
11 Mr Charles Norman Geschke (PDF 478KB)
12 Mr Paul Langley (PDF 1465KB)
13 Mr Philip Crouch (PDF 54KB)
14 Ms Cate Kyne (PDF 13KB)
15 Pat Mackle (PDF 33KB)
16 Ms Jacqui Caldwell (PDF 15KB)
17 Mr Luke Digance (PDF 13KB)
18 National Servicemen's Association of Australia (PDF 17KB)
19 Mr Reuben E Lette (PDF 16KB)
20 Regular Defence Force Welfare Association Inc. (PDF 40KB)
21 Centre for Sustained Arid Towns (PDF 13KB)
22 Mr Ian Batchelor (PDF 42KB)
23 Ms Bettina Quatacker (PDF 19KB)
24 Mr Adam Breasley (PDF 21KB)
25 Chris White (PDF 44KB)
26 Injured Service Persons Association (Peacetime Injuries) (PDF 62KB)
27 RLS National Headquarters (PDF 26KB)
28 Ms Ann Munslow-Davies (PDF 283KB)
29 Australian Veterans and Defence Services Council Incorporated "AVADSC" (PDF 39KB)
30 Department of Veterans' Affairs (PDF 162KB)
31 Ms Michele Madigan (PDF 574KB)
32 Climate Change Action Group (PDF 15KB)
33 Assoc Prof Tilman A Ruff, University of Melbourne (PDF 100KB)
34 Submission withheld
35 Submission withheld
36 Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (PDF 73KB)
37 Mr Nick Pastalatzis (PDF 126KB)
38 Australian Flying Corps and Royal Australian Air Force Association National Council Inc. (PDF 1092KB)
39 Australian Federal Police (PDF 30KB)

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