The Role and Future of Radio Australia and Australia Television



Wednesday, 12 March 1997, Melbourne

Mr Peter Leonard Barnett

Mr Michael Bird

Monday, 24 March 1997, Canberra

Radio Australia

Mr Derek White, General Manager

Wednesday, 2 April 1997, Canberra

Australia Broadcasting Corporation/Radio Australia

Mr Russell Stephen Balding, Head, Finance and Business Services

Mr Brian Johns, Managing Director

Mr Andy James Lloyd, Head, National Networks

Mr Michael Douglas Mann, Chief Executive

Mr Derek Sargent White, General Manager

Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance

Mr Brett Michael Bayly, Former Chair of DFAT MEAA House Committee

Mr Dave Lane, Industrial Officer

Mr Grant Thompson, Member

Mr John Westland, Chairman, Staff House Committee,
Radio Australia House Committee

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Mr William Norman Fisher, First Assistant Secretary, Public Affairs and Consular Division

Mr Paul Francis Molloy, Director, Policy and Projects Unit, Parliamentary and Media Branch

Dr Rodney Tiffen

Thursday, 3 April, 1997, Canberra


Ms Rosemary Alexandra Church, Media Liaison Representative

Ms Jill Forner, CPSU Workplace Delegate, Australia Television Joint Committee

Ms Lisa Lawson Fowkes, ABC Section Secretary, Community and Public Sector Union

Mr Graeme Robert Dobell

Australian Science and Communicators

Mr Nick Goldie, Member of National Committee

Dr Ronald Errol Hodge

Department of Communications and the Arts

Mr Vic Jones, General Manager, National Transmission Agency

Ms Cathy Santamaria, Deputy Secretary

Dr Alan William Stretton, First Assistant Secretary, Film, National Broadcasting and Intellectual Property Division

Tuesday, 15 April 1997, Sydney

Caritas Australia

Mr John Scott-Murphy, Public Policy and Advocacy Coordinator

Ms Elizabeth Stone, Regional Coordinator responsible for Africa and Pacific

Credit Union Foundation Australia

Mr John Christopher Newsom, PNG Program Coordinator

Professor Clive Samuel Kessler

ELICOS Association

Ms Margaret-Anne Gabrielle Power, Executive Officer

Ms Alyson Gabrielle Therese Moore, General Delegate


Mr Phillip James Hazelton, Executive Officer

Mr Walter Bass

Alan Davis Media Ltd

Mr Alan Andrew Davis, Managing Director

University of Western Sydney

Dr Hart Kenneth Cohen, Lecturer, Media, Faculty of Humanities, Research Centre in Intercommunal Studies

Mr Kevin Zehnder, Associate member and volunteer, Australian Expert Service Overseas Program

Mr Duncan Campbell

Australian Institute of International Affairs

Ms Cecelia Clarke, Deputy President

Dr Philippe Jean Pierre Cussinett, NSW President

Wednesday, 16 April 1997, Melbourne

Overseas Services Bureau

Mr Peter Britton, Director, Policy and Public Affairs

Mr William John Armstrong, Chief Executive Officer

Mr Graham Douglas Habgood, Executive Assistant to CEO

Radio Australia

Mr Pious Bonjui, Broadcaster, PNG Service

Mr Hidayat Djajamihardja, Broadcaster/Journalist, Indonesian Service

Mrs Leviseda Douglas, Broadcaster

Mr Nigel Holmes, Transmission Manager (Chief Engineer)

Mr Robert Hoskin, Presenter/Producer, Pacific Service, English Programs

Mrs Luana Man-Ling Kou, Broadcaster

Ms Sunee Sathaporn, Broadcaster, Thai Service

Mr Graeme Thomson, National Industrial Officer, Community and Public Sector Union

Mr Hanh Tran, Executive Producer, Vietnamese Service

Mr Osar En Hsi Wang, Senior Broadcaster, North Asia Region

National Tertiary Education Industry Union

Dr Carolyn Allport, National President

Mr Paul Cocks, National Research Assistant


Mr Richard E Butler, Chairman

Professor Frank Morgan

Mr William YatesFriends of the ABC

Mr John Edward Tovey

Dr June Factor, Spokesperson and President, National Committee

Mrs Toni Barbara Feddersen

Conference Australia Pty Ltd

Ms Annie Maureen Hayes, Managing Director

Professor Robin Jeffrey

Northern Territory Department of Asian Relations, Trade and Industry

Mr Neil Clayton Almond, Assistant Secretary Strategic Services

Ms Megan Burges, Communications Development

Monash University

Professor Jeffrey Bruce Jacobs, Head, Department of Asian Languages and Studies