Security challenges facing Papua New Guinea and the island states of the southwest Pacific

Security challenges facing Papua New Guinea and the island states of the southwest Pacific

25 February 2010

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ISBN 978-1-74229-232-8

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Members of the committee (PDF 53KB)
Acronyms and abbreviations (PDF 47KB)
Executive summary (PDF 57KB)
Chapter 1 - Introduction and conduct of inquiry (PDF 61KB)

Referral of inquiry
Terms of reference
Conduct of inquiry
Relationship to Volume I
Previous inquiries
Structure of volume

Chapter 2 - Law and order across the Pacific (PDF 121KB)

Economic performance and domestic security
Inter-ethnic conflict
Land tenure
Weapons control
Gender inequality and violence against women
Political systems
Volatility of Pacific island states

Chapter 3 - Building law enforcement capacity in Pacific island states (PDF 106KB)

Policing capability across the Pacific
Regional efforts to improve law and order
Australian efforts to improve law and order
Law and justice sector
Capacity building in the justice sector
Policy coherence

Chapter 4 - Responding to law and order emergencies (PDF 126KB)

Rapid breakdown in law and order
Regional efforts to manage crises
The Australian Defence Force's role
Building regional policing capacity

Chapter 5 - Transnational crime (PDF 159KB)

Unauthorised fishing
Smuggling and transhipment of illegal goods
External donors

Chapter 6 - Capacity to police borders (PDF 163KB)

Border management capability
Regional efforts to enhance fisheries compliance
Australia's efforts to enhance fisheries compliance
Defence Cooperation Program
Improving maritime surveillance
Efforts to combat smuggling

Chapter 7 - Addressing complex crime (PDF 75KB)

Anti-money laundering and counter-financing of terrorism
Pacific Transnational Crime Network

Chapter 8 - Vulnerability to natural disasters and the potential impacts of climate change (PDF 131KB)

Responding to natural disasters
Developing an integrated response capacity
Potential impacts of climate change
Australian responses to climate change

Chapter 9 - Conclusion—Partnerships for Security (PDF 63KB)
Appendix 1 - Public submissions (PDF 50KB)
Appendix 2 - Public hearings and witnesses (PDF 64KB)
Appendix 3 - Additional information, tabled documents and answers to questions on notice (PDF 51KB)

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