Australian Greens' additional comments

The Morrison Government has a track record of treating arts and cultural institutions in Australia with contempt and neglect. They have cut the department for the arts, cut funding to the Australia Council and failed to provide desperately needed funds to arts and cultural organisations and workers throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.
National Collecting Institutions play a major role in supporting the arts and preserving Australian culture and history for future generations. The work that they do is a public service and as such, NCIs should be appropriately funded by government sources and not reliant on private donations.
Senator Sarah Hanson-Young
Deputy Chair

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About this inquiry

The bill would amend the enabling legislation of six National Collecting Institutions (Australian National Maritime Museum, National Film and Sound Archive, National Gallery, National Library, National Museum and National Portrait Gallery) to provide them with broader investment powers than currently permitted by the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013, improve efficiencies and address longstanding, but minor, administrative inconsistencies between the six Acts.

Past Public Hearings

28 Jan 2021: Canberra