Appendix 2

Public hearing

Wednesday, 6 November 2019
Edinburgh Room, Stamford Plaza
111 Little Collins St
Professor Jon Altman, private capacity
Aboriginal Art Association of Australia
Mr Geoffrey Henderson, President
Ms Charmaine Torres, Director
Indigenous Art Code, Arts Law Centre of Australia, and Copyright Agency
Ms Robyn Ayres, Chief Executive Officer, Arts Law Centre
Ms Stephanie Parkin, Indigenous Engagement Manager, Copyright Agency
Mr Ted Hill, Partner, Allans
Australian Copyright Council
Ms Eileen Camilleri, Chief Executive Officer
Ms Frances Coyne, Lawyer
IP Australia
Mr Benjamin Mitra-Kahn, General Manager, Policy and Governance Group
Mr Brendan Bourke, Director, Trade and Policy Projects
Ms Thea Seferovic, Policy Officer, Trade and Policy Projects
Australian Competition and Consumer Commission
Mr Rami Greiss, Executive General Manager, Enforcement Division
Mr Nicholas Heys, Deputy General Manager, Enforcement Division

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