Appendix 4

Appendix 4

Comparison of original Direct Action Plan funding and commitments v current funding and commitments[1]


Original 'Direct Action Plan'

Current status


Emissions Reduction Fund

1st year: $300 mill

2nd year: $500 mill

3rd year: $750 mill

4th year: $1 bill

1st year: $300 mill

2nd year: $500 mill

3rd year: $750 mill

(unspecified to 2020)

No additional funding if target not met.[2]

One Million Solar Roofs

$1000 rebates for either solar panels or solar hot water systems, capped at 100,000 rebates per year.

($100 mill per year).

$500 rebates to support installation of one million rooftop solar energy systems over 10 years, capped at 100 000 rebates per year. ($50 mill per year).

Original rebate halved.[3]

Solar Towns and Solar Schools

$100 million over four years for:

- up to $2 million to support 25 'solar town projects' for towns and non-capital cities to access direct solar energy

- up to $500,000 to support 100 solar school projects.

$50 million will be allocated for at least 25 Solar Towns and a further $50 million for 100 schools. Over six years.

Now funded over six years rather than four.

20 million trees (Urban forests and green corridors)

An additional 20 million trees by 2020 ($50 million over 4 years).

20 million trees to be planted by 2020. To commence mid‑2014.

Budget allocation unclear. 'Green Army' will assist with this process?[4]

Clean Energy Employment Hubs

$60 million over 4 years to La Trobe Valley, Hunter and Central Queensland regions to assist transformation of local coal industry jobs to clean energy jobs.


Appears no longer funded.[5]

Geothermal and Tidal Towns Initiative

$50 million to support micro, pilot and demo projects in non-capital cities which access direct geothermal and tidal energy.


ARENA funds renewable energy projects, research and development, including geothermal and ocean energy projects.[6]

Renewable fuels—Algal Synthesis and Biofuels

$5 million to study analysing the potential of algal synthesis and biofuels. Direct Action Plan refers to trials by MDB Energy and James Cook University.


ARENA has provided $5 million to a relevant project at James Cook University.[7]

Greenhouse Friendly Program

$10 million to re-establish the Greenhouse Friendly program over five years.


Greenhouse Friendly was replaced by the National Carbon Offset Standard in 2010.[8]

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