Appendix 2

Public hearing

Tuesday, 6 March 2018 – Melbourne


Mr Martin Hosking, Chief Executive Officer

Mr Paul Gordon, In-house Legal Counsel

Digital Rights Watch—via teleconference

Associate Professor Nicholas Suzor

Australian Copyright Council

Ms Kate Haddock, Chair

Mr Grant McAvaney, Chief Executive Officer

Music Rights Australia

Ms Vanessa Hutley, General Manager


Mr Jonathan Carter, Head of Legal, Corporate and Policy

Australian Digital Alliance

Ms Jessica Coates, Executive Officer

Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA)—via teleconference

Ms Kim Hicks, Acting General Manager, Policy and Advocacy


Ms Nicole Buskiewicz, Managing Director

Google Australia

Mr Michael Cooley, Public Policy and Government Relations Counsel

Department of Communications and the Arts

Dr Carolyn Patteson, First Assistant Secretary, Content

Ms Kirsti Haipola, Legal Director, Copyright Law

Ms Emma Shadbolt, Assistant Director, Copyright Law

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