Public hearings - Canberra, Tuesday 19 March 2013

Media Reform Bills Package

Public hearings - Canberra, Tuesday 19 March 2013

Committee Room 2S1
Parliament House



12.40 pm

The Hon. Ray Finkelstein QC
Professor Matthew Ricketson, Professor of Journalism, University of Canberra

1.20 pm

Independent Media Council
The Hon. James McGinty, Member

2.00 pm


3.30 pm

Institute of Public Affairs
Mr Chris Berg, Director, Policy
Mr Simon Breheny, Director, Legal Rights Project

4.10 pm

Australian Press Council
Professor Julian Disney, Chair
Dr Derek Wilding, Executive Director

4.50 pm


6.10 pm

AAP (via teleconference)
Mr Bruce Davidson, Chief Executive Officer
Mr Tony Gillies, Editor in Chief

6.30 pm

Dr Margaret Simons, Director, Centre for Advanced Journalism, University of Melbourne
Professor Michael Fraser, Communications Law Centre, University of Technology, Sydney

7.20 pm


7.50 pm

Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance
Ms Sue McCreadie, National Director
Mr Drew Macrae, Federal Policy Officer

8.30 pm

Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy
Ms Nerida O'Loughlin, Deputy Secretary, Broadcasting and Digital Switchover
Dr Simon Pelling, First Assistant Secretary
Mr Rohan Buettel, General Manager, Legal and Parliamentary
Mr Brian Kelleher, Assistant Secretary
Australian Communications and Media Authority
Ms Jennifer McNeill, General Manager, Content, Consumer and Citizen Division
Australian Competition and Consumer Commission
Mr Brian Cassidy, Chief Executive Officer
Ms Rose Webb, Executive General Manager, Mergers & Adjudication Group
Attorney-General's Department
Mr Richard Glenn, Assistant Secretary, Business and Information Law Branch

10.00 pm


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