Submissions received by the Committee

Inquiry into Water Licences and Rights

Submissions received by the Committee

Sub No.

1Prof Ian Falconer (PDF 40KB) 
2Murray Valley Water Diverters Advisory Association (NSW) (PDF 25KB) 
3Ms Acacia Rose (PDF 186KB) 
4National Irrigators' Council (PDF 378KB) 
5Ms Joan Osborne (PDF 10KB) 
7Gwydir Valley Irrigators Association (PDF 45KB) 
8Dr R B Morrish, Cooper's Creek Protection Group (PDF 1221KB) 
9Nature Conservation Council of NSW (PDF 387KB) 
10Ms Libby Ciesiolka (PDF 54KB) 
11NSW Irrigators' Council (PDF 27KB) 
12Victorian Farmers Federation (PDF 274KB) 
13Bureau of Meteorology (PDF 305KB) Attachment 1(PDF 395KB) Attachment 2(PDF 406KB) Attachment 3(PDF 515KB) Attachment 4(PDF 456KB) Attachment 5(PDF 595KB) Attachment 6(PDF 494KB) Attachment 7(PDF 494KB) 
14Australian Floodplain Association (PDF 180KB) 
15Riverina and Murray Regional Organisation of Councils (PDF 37KB) 
16Murray Darling Basin Authority (PDF 423KB) 
17AgForce Queensland (PDF 131KB) 
18Mr David Mittelheuser (PDF 17KB) 
19Professor Timothy S Miles (PDF 480KB) 
20Queensland Farmers' Federation (PDF 157KB) 
21Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts (PDF 120KB) 
22Australian Wetlands and Rivers Centre, University of NSW (PDF 45KB) 
23National Farmers' Federation (PDF 656KB) 
24Professor Lee Godden (PDF 248KB) 
25National Water Commission (PDF 68KB) Attachment 1(PDF 42KB) Attachment 2(PDF 59KB) Attachment 3(PDF 41KB) 
26Mr Ed Fessey, Lower Balonne Floodplain Association (PDF 18KB) 
27Mr Pat Byrne, Murray Darling Basin Water Crisis Management Council and National Civic Council (PDF 1103KB) 
28Queensland Government (PDF 3190KB) 
29The Environment Institute, The University of Adelaide (PDF 253KB) 
30Mr Robert A Lemon (PDF 611KB) 
Supplementary Submission (PDF 290KB) 
31Inland Rivers Network (PDF 160KB) 
32Waterfind (PDF 1038KB) 

Additional Information Received

National Farmers Federation - Additional information(PDF 174KB) 
NSW Government - Office of Water - Additional information(PDF 401KB) 

Answers to Questions on Notice

National Water Commission - Answers to questions taken on notice from public hearing 15 December 2009(PDF 76KB) 
NSW Irrigators' Council - Answers to questions taken on notice from public hearing 18 February 2010(PDF 21KB) 

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