Committee membership

Committee membership

Members from 11 September 2006:
Senator Alan Eggleston (LP, WA) (Chair)
Senator Andrew Bartlett (AD, QLD) (Deputy Chair)
Senator Simon Birmingham (LP, SA) (from 9.5.2007)
Senator the Hon. Rod Kemp (LP, VIC) (from 12.2.2007)
Senator Kate Lundy (ALP, ACT) (to 22.9.2006)
Senator the Hon. Ian Macdonald (LP, QLD)
Senator Stephen Parry (LP, TAS) (to 12.2.2007)
Senator the Hon. Michael Ronaldson (LP, VIC) (to 9.5.2007)
Senator Ruth Webber (ALP, WA)
Senator Dana Wortley (ALP, SA)

Substitute member for this inquiry:
Senator Trish Crossin (ALP, NT) replaced Senator Kate Lundy (from 22.9.2006)

Participating members participating in this inquiry:
Senator Claire Moore (ALP, QLD)
Senator Rachel Siewert (AG, WA)

Members from 15 August 2006 to 11 September 2007:
Senator Andrew Bartlett (AD, QLD) (Chair)
Senator Judith Adams (LP, WA) (Deputy Chair)
Senator Kate Lundy (ALP, ACT)
Senator the Hon. Michael Ronaldson (LP, VIC)
Senator Ruth Webber (ALP, WA)
Senator Dana Wortley (ALP, SA)

Committee Secretariat
Dr Ian Holland, Secretary
Mr Peter Short, Principal Research Officer
Dr Andrew Gaczol, Principal Research Officer
Ms Joanna Woodbury, Senior Research Officer
Ms Jacqueline Hawkins, Research Officer
Mrs Dianne Warhurst, Executive Assistant

Committee Address
PO Box 6100
Parliament House
Canberra ACT 2600
Tel:  02 6277 3526
Fax: 02 6277 5818


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians are advised that this report may contain the names of Indigenous Australians who are deceased.

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