Appendix 1 - List of Submissions to the Inquiry

Appendix 1 - List of Submissions to the Inquiry

1                             Pacific Power

1a                           Confidential

2                             Phoenix Wind Power

3                             Australian Wind Energy Association (AUS WEA)

4                             Confidential

5                             Australian Greenhouse Office

6                             Renewable Energy Generators Australia Limited

6a                           Renewable Energy Generators Australia Limited

7                             Hydro Tasmania

7a                           Hydro Tasmania

8                             ACRE Energy Policy Group (AEPG)

8a                           ACRE Energy Policy Group (AEPG)

9                             Australian Conservation Foundation

10                           Stanwell Corporation Limited

11                           Australian Cogeneration Association

12                           Greenpeace Australia

13                           Electricity Supply Association of Australia Limited (ESAA)

13a                         Electricity Supply Association of Australia Limited (ESAA)

13b                         Electricity Supply Association of Australia Limited (ESAA)

13c                         Electricity Supply Association of Australia Limited (ESAA)

14                           Australian and New Zealand Solar Energy Society (ANZSES)

15                           GreenPower Services Pty Ltd

15a                         GreenPower Services Pty Ltd

16                           Sustainable Energy Industry Association (SEIA)

17                           National Association of Forest Industries Ltd (NAFI)

18                           The Wilderness Society (Tasmania)

19                           Normandy Mining Limited

20                           NSW Sugar Milling Co-operative Limited

21                           Ergon Energy

22                           Comalco Aluminium Ltd

23                           Australian Industry Group

24                           Alternative Technology Association & Friends of the Earth (Fitzroy)

25                           Alcoa of Australia Limited

26                           Ministry of the Premier and Cabinet WA

27                           Australian Industry Greenhouse Network (AIGN)

28                           Origin Energy Limited

29                           Australian Aluminium Council

30                           Rio Tinto Limited

31                           Aurora Energy Pty Ltd

32                           Tomago Aluminium

33                           The Lavoisier Group Inc

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