Tuesday, 23 February 1999, Melbourne

Australian Conservation Foundation (Submission 932)

Mr Michael Krockenberger, Campaigns Director

Mr Peter Kinrade, Consultant

Public Transport Users Association (Submission 883)

Dr Paul Mees, President

Mr Vaughn Williams, Committee Member

Australasian Railway Association (Submission 83)

Mr John Kirk, Executive Director

Mr David Hill, Research Officer

Mr John Hoyle, Media Officer

IMPCO Technologies Pty Ltd (Submission 916)

Mr Craig Marschall, Managing Director

Advanced Fuels Technology Pty Ltd (Submission 181)

Mr Robert Thompson, Managing Director

Caterpillar of Australia

Mr Ian Loy, Truck OEM Account Manager

Ms Fran Bryson (Submission 466)

Fellowship of Australian Writers (Vic.) Inc (Submission 758)

Mr Marcus Niski, Vice-President

Arts Industry Council (Victoria) (Submission 1016)

Ms Jane Haley, President

Entertainment Industry Employers Association (Submission 948)

Ms Jan Stoneham, Chief Executive Officer

Ms Jill Smith, General Manager

Mr Stephen Adrian, Adviser

Cameron Mackintosh Pty Ltd

Mr Matthew Dalco

Youth Performing Arts Australia (Submission 768)

Mr Michael Andrew, Director

Australian National Memorial Theatre (Submission 934)

Mr Robert Taylor

Town & Country Planning Association; (Submission 717) and

Bicycle Federation of Australia (Submission 479)

Mr Alan Parker

Environment Victoria (Submission 384)

Ms Esther Abram, Director

Ms Bronwen Machin, Clean Air Campaigner

Mr David Langsam (Submission 1056)

Wednesday, 24 February 1999, Adelaide

Australian Natural Gas Vehicles Council (ANGVC); (Submission 208)

Australian Gas Association (AGS); (Submission 648) and

Boral Energy (Submission 753)

Mr Oliver Clark, ANGVC & AGS

Mr David Parker, AGS

Mr Jack McKean, AGS & Boral Energy

Mr Paul Williams, Boral Energy

Australian Liquefied Petroleum Gas Association (Submission 792)

Mr Christopher Greenhill, General Manager

Mulhern Waste Oil Removal Pty Ltd (Submission 234)

Mr David Braham, General Manager

Professor Russell Luxton, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, (Submission 885)

University of Adelaide

Rail 2000 Inc (Submission 901)

Mr Maxwell Michell, Vice Chairman

Mr Mark Carter, Member

Arts Industry Council (South Australia) Inc (Submission 974)

Mr David Cox, Executive Officer

Mr James Giles, Chairperson

Doppio Parallelo (Submission 1061)

Ms Teresa Crea, Creative Director

National Rail Corporation (Submission 174)

Mr Fred Affleck, General Manager

Friday, 26 February 1999, Perth

Conservation Council of Western Australia (Submission 1093)

Ms Rachel Siewart, Co-ordinator

National Parks Australia Council (Submission 981)

Mr Geoffrey Evans, Honorary Secretary

Wren Oil (Submission 303)

Mr Fred Wren, Managing Director-Owner

Mr Fred Slivkoff,

Monday, 1 March 1999, Canberra

Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts

(Submission 1350)

Mr Les Neilsen, General Manager, Arts Branch

Mr Robert Paylfreyman, Executive Director, Arts Branch

Ms Elizabeth Penhallurick, Manager, Cultural Sponsorship & Public Lending

Mr Andrew Skewes, General Manager, Tax Taskforce

Australia Institute (Submission 120)

Dr Clive Hamilton, Executive Director

Mr Hal Turton, Researcher

Conservation Council of the South-East Region and Canberra (Submission 947)

Ms Kathryn Maxwell, President

Mr Brett Odgers, Vice-President

Greenpeace Australia (Submission 776)

Mr Ian Higgins, Chief Executive Officer

Mr Shane Rattenbury, Political Liaison Officer

International Association of Public Transport (Australia/New Zealand)

(Submission 628)

Mr Peter Moore, Executive Director

Road Transport Forum (Submission 302)

Mr Andrew Higginson, Chief Executive

Mr Michael Apps, Government Relations Manager

Mr John Apelbaum, Consultant

Sustainable Energy Industry Association (Australia) (Submission 702)

Mr Alan Pears, (Honorary) Policy Convenor

Australian Gas Association (Submission 648))

Mr David Parker, Industry Development Manager

Australian Liquefied Petroleum Gas Association (Submission 792)

Mr Christopher Greenhill, General Manager

Mr Ian Maloney, Chairman, Autogas Committee

Australian Gas Association (Submission 648)

Mr David Parker, Industry Development Manager

Department of the Environment and Heritage (Submission 931)

Mr Roger Beale, Secretary

Mr Philip Harrington, Executive Manager, Sustainable Energy Group

Mr Brian Hobsbawn, Acting Director, Air Quality Section

Mr Vivek Tulpule, Assistant Secretary, Policy and Accountability Branch

Australian Council of National Trusts (Submission 704)

Mr Alan Graham, Executive Officer

Mrs Dianne Weidner, Chair

Australian Dance Council (Ausdance) Inc (Submission 820)

Ms Julie Dyson, National Executive Officer

Ms Sandra Macarthur-Onslow, Executive Officer

Mr Sean Michelle, Consultant (Walter and Turnbull)

National Farmers Federation (Submission 98 & 98a)

Dr Wendy Craik, Executive Director

Mr Robert Douglas, Director

Tuesday, 2 March 1999, Sydney

National Association for the Visual Arts (Submission 828)

Ms Tamara Winikoff, Executive Director

Professor David Throsby,

Arts Law Centre of Australia (Submission 941)

Ms Delia Browne, Executive Director

Pacific Solar Pty Ltd (Submission 823)

Mr Peter Lawley, Business Development Manager

Streamliner Supershuttle Ferries Pty Ltd (Submission 577)

Mr Gavan Smith, Director

Mr Gregory Cox, Naval Architect

Bus Industry Confederation (Submission 218)

Mr William Todd, President

Mr Robert Gunning, Adviser

Mr Ian MacDonald, Co-ordinator

Australian Rail, Train and Bus Industry Union (Submission 565)

Mr Roger Jowett, National Secretary

Associate Professor Philip Laird (Submission 341)

AGL Gas Networks (Submission 630)

Mr Peter Blackband, Divisional General Manager

Dr Hien Ly, Manager, Natural Gas Vehicle Development

Mrs Leith Wood, Manager, Government and Public Affairs

Western Sydney Natural Gas Vehicles Task Force (Submission 709)

Mr Alexander Gooding

Nature Conservation Council of New South Wales

Mr John Connor, Executive Officer

Australia Council (Submission 298)

Ms Jennifer Bott, General Manager

Ms Sarah Gardner, Director

Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association (Submission 977)

Mr Owen Cole, General Manager

Sydney Opera House Trust (Submission 774)

Mr Michael Lynch, Chief Executive

Australian Major Performing Arts Group (Submission 1038)

Mr Duncan Peppercorn, Consultant

Mr Rowan Ross, Chairman

Symphony Australia Holdings Pty Ltd (Submission 945)

Mr Derek Watt, General Manager

Printing Industries Association of Australia (Submission 567)

Mr Philip Andersen, National Director

Mr Peter Lane, National Honorary Secretary

Mr Ronald Fisher, Economic Consultant

Australian Society of Authors (Submission 905)

Mr Jose Borghino, Executive Director

Ms Libby Gleeson, Deputy Chair

Australian Booksellers Association (Submission 705)

Miss Mary Dalmau, President

Screen Producers Association of Australia (Submission 1087)

Mr Andrew Blaxland, Producer Member

Ms Jane Corden, Facilities Member

Mr Nick Herd, Executive Director

Ms Melissa McEwen, Policy Manager

Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance (Submission 921)

Ms Anne Britton, Joint Federal Secretary

Miss Lynn Gailey, Federal Policy Officer

Wednesday, 3 March 1999, Sydney

Local Government and Shires Associations of New South Wales (Submission 887)

Councillor Peter Woods, President

Mr Robert Verhey, Senior Policy Officer

Mr Shaun McBride, Policy Officer

National Ethnic and Multicultural Broadcasters Council

Mr Bruce Francis, Executive Officer

Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (Submission 601)

Mr Michael Thompson, General Manager

Mr Barry Melville, Policy Development Officer

Consumer's Telecommunications Network (Submission 840)

Ms Helen Campbell, Executive Officer

Ms Teresa Corbin, Policy Adviser

Mr Stephen Horrocks, Policy Adviser

Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) (Submission 833)

Austar Entertainment Pty Ltd (Submission 834)

Mr Robert Durie, Deputy Executive Director, AIIA

Miss Susan Israel, Finance Manager, Austar

Mr Damian Walsh, Arthur Andersen Consulting, (AIIA & Austar)

Wednesday, 3 March 1999, Brisbane

Queensland Conservation Council (Submission 1030)

Mr James Whelan, Clean Air Campaigner

Queensland Rail (Submission 802)

Mr Robert Scheuber, Deputy Chief Executive

Mr Morris Lloyd, Manager

Mr Harvey Rosario, Tax Manager

Backbone Youth Arts Inc (Submission 890)

Ms Louise Hollingworth, Artistic Director

Ms Alison Chappell, Adviser

Ms Joanne Dwyer, Management Committee Member

Ms Katrina McGill, Member