Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference

On 8 December 1999 the Senate referred the following matters to the Environment, Communications, Information Technology and the Arts References Committee for inquiry (to commence not before 31 March 2000) and report by 31 October 2000 (subsequently extended to 4 May 2001):

  1. an examination of the allocation of funding from the Commonwealth’s $4.5 million fund for electro-magnetic radiation research and public information;
  2. a review of current Australian and international research into electro-magnetic radiation and its effects as it applies to telecommunications equipment, including but not limited to, mobile telephones;
  3. an examination of the current Australian Interim Standard [AS/NZS 2772.1 (Int): 1998], as it applies to telecommunications;
  4. an examination of efforts to set an Australian Standard dealing with electro-magnetic emissions;
  5. an examination of the merits of the transfer of the responsibility for setting a new Australian standard for electro-magnetic emissions to the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency.

Membership of the Committee - 39th Parliament


Senator Lyn Allison (Chair) (AD, VIC)
Senator John Tierney (Deputy Chair) (LP, NSW)
Senator Mark Bishop (ALP, WA)
Senator the Hon Nick Bolkus (ALP, SA)
Senator Kate Lundy (ALP, ACT)
Senator Tseben Tchen (LP, VIC)

Participating Members:

Senator the Hon Eric Abetz (LP, TAS)
Senator Andrew Bartlett (AD, QLD)
Senator the Hon Ron Boswell (NP, QLD)
Senator Bob Brown (AG, TAS)
Senator Paul Calvert (LP, TAS)
Senator George Campbell (ALP, NSW)
Senator Kim Carr (ALP, VIC)
Senator Grant Chapman (LP, SA)
Senator Helen Coonan (LP, NSW)
Senator Winston Crane (LP, WA)
Senator Alan Eggleston (LP, WA)
Senator the Hon John Faulkner (ALP, NSW)
Senator Alan Ferguson (LP, SA)
Senator Jeannie Ferris (LP, SA)
Senator the Hon Brian Gibson AM (LP, TAS)
Senator Brian Harradine (IND, TAS)
Senator Len Harris (PHON, QLD)

Senator Steve Hutchins (ALP, NSW)
Senator Sue Knowles (LP, WA)
Senator Meg Lees (AD, SA)
Senator Sue Mackay (ALP, TAS)
Senator Brett Mason (LP, QLD)
Senator Julian McGauran (NPA, VIC)
Senator Jan McLucas (ALP, QLD)
Senator Shayne Murphy (ALP, TAS)
Senator Marise Payne (LP, NSW)
Senator the Hon Chris Schacht (ALP, SA)
Senator Natasha Stott Despoja (AD, SA)
Senator John Watson (LP, TAS)
Senator Aden Ridgeway (AD, NSW) appointed for arts issues
Senator Vicki Bourne (AD, NSW) appointed for the inquiry into the online delivery of ABC material

Committee Secretariat

Senate Environment, Communications, Information Technology
and the Arts References Committee

S1.57, Parliament House
Canberra ACT 2600

Tel: 02 6277 3526
Fax: 02 6277 5818

Email: ecita.sen@aph.gov.au
Internet: https://www.aph.gov.au/senate_environment

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