Appendix 2

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Appendix 2

Public hearings

Tuesday, 26 November 2013 – Canberra

Grattan Institute

            Mr Anthony Wood, Energy Program Director

Investor Group on Climate Change

            Mr Nathan Fabian, Chief Executive Officer

Master Builders Australia

            Mr Peter Jones, Chief Economist

Refrigerants Australia

            Dr Gregory R Picker, Executive Director

National Farmers' Federation

            Mr Matthew Linnegar, Chief Executive Officer
            Ms Deborah Kerr, Manager, Natural Resources Management

The Climate Institute

            Mr Erwin Jackson, Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

            Mr Scott Gregson, Group General Manager, Enforcement Group
            Mr Brenton Philp, General Manager, Enforcement Operations ACT and National Projects

Energy Supply Association of Australia

            Mr Kieran Donoghue, General Manager Policy
            Mr Matthew Warren, Chief Executive Officer

Australian Industry Group

            Dr Peter Burn, Director, Public Policy
            Mr Tennant Reed, Principal National Adviser, Public Policy

Australian Food and Grocery Council

            Mr Gary Dawson, Chief Executive Officer

Department of the Environment

            Dr Gordon de Brouwer, Secretary
            Mr Brad Archer, First Assistant Secretary
            Mr Simon Writer, Assistant Secretary
            Mr Paul Locke, Director

Clean Energy Finance Corporation

            Ms Jillian Broadbent, Chair
            Mr Oliver Yates, Chief Executive Officer
            Mr Andrew Powell, Chief Finance Officer
            Ms Meg McDonald, Chief Operating Officer

Department of the Treasury

            Mr David Haigh, General Manger, Infrastructure Industry, Environment and Defence Division
            Mr Russ Campbell, General Manager, Macroeconomic Modelling Division

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